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I started my professional life as a passionate Biologist, got a PhD in the field of genetics, and became a professor/researcher at the University of Campinas in Brazil. After ten years in the field my life turned 180 degrees when a spiritual life was shown to me and I moved to California. Here I've pursued deep and committed spiritual practices including Vipassana meditation, Gurdjieff's teachings and different modalities of prayer. This inner journey helped me to become deeply present to myself and others and that beautifully refined the quality of the attention I give to others. After that, I experienced ...See All


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At a certain point in our growth and healing, we find we need a strength we cannot easily generate on our own. This is our inherited ancestral strength, and we all have it, even in the most dangerous and dysfunctional families. We all have a field of strong, loving, dignified ancestors who want to give us their strength, and see it passed on to the next generation. But it doesn't happen on its own, we must at some point courageously say "yes" to it. This meditation will help you to build this connection.It is based on the work of Bert Hellinger on Family Constellations and the use of beautiful sound of tuning forks.. For more information on the work of Family Constellations, please watch my class "Healing Ancestral Wounds within Us"
Research shows that unresolved traumas from our family systems may be at the root of some of the most persistent challenges we currently face like anxiety, fear, financial worries, depression, illness and unhappy relationships can all be forms of our unconscious inheritance. Unresolved traumas, some going back two or three generations, can entangle us in feelings and situations that don't even belong to us. Family Constellations (FC) reveals hidden dynamics from our family's past, and helps us to heal and move forward in our lives. .