After leaving 30 years in the insurance industry behind, a month long trip to India and my metamorphosis, I decided to start the Wellness Center utilizing my God-given gifts and talents. healing their pets! Upon finding Reiki for self-healing, I was then lead to other forms of Energy work. After undergoing a great transformation myself, the natural thing for me to do was to share with others, to help facilitate their healing and helping them to uncover their own amazing gifts we all have, thereby increasing the level of awareness and consciousness. To date, I have helped many souls all ...See All


2015 Divine Energy - Channeled
2015 Angels - Channeled
2014 Access Consciousness: Certified Bars Practitioner
2014 Qigong at Spring Forrest Qigong Chunyi Lin
2013 SL Transmissions & Christ Consciousness Activations
2013 Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master @Chikara-Reiki-Do
2012 Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher @Reiki4Universe India
2012 Tantra Goddess Uma - under guidance of (Nityanada) Osho Sanyasin, Tantric Guru, UAE
2012 Meditation at Art of Living Center Los Angeles, CA
2012 Various Meditations at Osho Meditation Center Pune India
Doctorate of Divinity: Reverend at American Fellowship Church
2011 ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Holly is a Heart-Centered Healing Facilitator who uses a blend of modalities to initiate your healing by peeling back the built-up layers you created to uncover the core BEing of who you truly are. This, is the only true healing there is. There is nothing wrong with you. As Soul, we are all born perfect whole and complete. Our human body is only the vessel, a home, to house our spirit while we are here on earth in this timeline.

Divine Energy (Channeled) Soul Sweep
Divine Energy (Channeled) Sweet Spot Heart ...See All

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Expert Services Offered
Soul Sweep - done remotely   ($55) [+] Show More Info

The Soul Sweep is an energetic process performed by a specialized Team of Angels and High Order Beings who guide and perform the work during each session. Your Higher Self is an integral part of this team as well. Each Soul Sweep session is done remotely.The general purpose of the Soul Sweep, is to remove all non-beneficial energies and entities from your Auric Fields including your home and vehicle, pets, and place of employment extending radius out a few miles. This work is done with love and compassion.

Sweet Spot Heart Activation - done remotely   ($100) [+] Show More Info

The Sweet Spot Heart Activation, is to help you open your Heart and to find that Sweet Spot to live through where all the love and joy and peace of the Universe resides. When the Heart is fully open you will be in a more blissful state of BEing with more allowance and acceptance which in turn would cause you to have more love, more money, more joy, and more peace in your life, or you may experience a full body awakening! It's time to uplift, upshift and upgrade yourself and to raise your vibration!

Energy Healings - done remotely    ($200) [+] Show More Info

Fee is for one time sending for yourself or someone else and including your pets! Package pricing for continued healing on a particular situation is available. If you are requesting healing for someone else, permission from another is received on a Soul to Soul basis prior to any work being performed. The energy activates your own body to heal naturally and is considered to be a complimentary service to your current medical treatment programs. Various dis-eases in the body as well as mental / emotional issues all can be addressed.

Reiki Attunements: Kundalini level 1 (remote)   ($152) [+] Show More Info

LEVEL 1 (Self-Healing) $152 includes Q&A time LEVEL 2 (for others) + $ 50 (Level 1 prerequisite) LEVEL 3 (Master) + $ 80 (Level 1 & 2 prerequisite) TOTAL ALL 3 LEVELS = $282 priced separately for payment options; includes Q&A time as needed

Spiritual-Life-Health Coaching & Mentor (hourly)   ($198) [+] Show More Info

(done by phone, chat, skype, etc does not have to be in person) Life Coaching: career changes, life changes, aging parents, adult children Health Coaching: Healthy lifestyle and choices, diet, meditation, stress management Spiritual Guidance: Life Purpose, Awareness, Awakening Mentor: Relationships (all types) Guidance Counseling: Abuse, Addictions, Recovery, Depression, various Dis-Eases

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