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Jaime Summers is an internationally known Author, Relationship Coach, Sacred Sex Educator, and Theatrical Writer, Producer and Entertainer. She incorporates Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Holistic Modalities, Oneness, and Meditation into her deep healing work. Jaime just released her first paperback "Playtionships: The New Paradigm" about customizing your relationship so that you can explore sexuaity and intimacy in a safe way. She is the star of her one-woman show "My Orgasmic Life" and "Summers School: A Sex Ed Variety Show" which debuted in New York City. Jaime is an advocate for Sexual Integrity and Freedom, and Domestic Violence Awareness and is also ...See All


BA Communications and Minor Music, Certified in Advanced Theta Healing

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Sexual Exploration for Survivors   ($150) [+] Show More Info

If you or your partner is a survivor of abuse or Domestic Violence, there is a heightened level of sensitivity to be aware of. There is nothing wrong or tainted in either of you, it is an opportunity to be more cognoscente of the patterns you bring to the table, and the capability of loving yourself, and holding a nurturing loving space for your partner.

Sacred Sexuality Private Coaching   ($150) [+] Show More Info

Take your Sacred Sexuality practice to the next level or learn the basics to bring the Sacredness and Ceremony into the Bedroom to increase Intimacy and the connection to the universal matrix.

Playtionships Private Session   ($150) [+] Show More Info

I will walk you through the Guidelines from my book "Playtionships" so that you can create your own Desires, Agreements, and Boundaries with your partner(s).

1 Hour Sexual Empowerment Coaching   ($150) [+] Show More Info

Increase your Intimacy and find a way to explore your desires safely with boundaries instead of barriers. Customized to you.

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Being authentic, and learning how to ask for what you want can increase intimacy. Begin to recognize your desires, and learn tangible ways to communicate your truth to your partner or anyone.
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