Marvin L. Wilkerson is a lifelong seeker for truth about life's psychologies and mysteries. As such Marvin's quest has taken him down many paths to become a true mystic. Each path that resonates with him is seriously examined and practiced. At this point in his life, Marvin has developed an expansive knowledge of several fields and modalities to discovering self-realization, each one reflecting and validating one another. These points of reference allow for an unusual depth of observation, analysis, direction, healing and teaching.

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His independent nature and extensive curiosity has led Marvin to become a Master Astrologer, over 40 years, Cosmo-psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Medical Hypnotism, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, expert on Native American Spiritually and Medicine Wheels, Shamanism, Planetary cycles & phases, Galactic Human Heritage, Metaphysics, Spirit of Tarot, with studies in Psycho Neuro-science and healing techniques.

Experience and Distinctions

Marvin is a full time practitioner offering personal consultations, lectures, and workshops using the many tools to facilitate self-awareness including Astrology consultations, Spiritual counseling and has a full time practice in Hypnotherapy with his business Better Life Hypnosis. He is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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I offer Astrological consultations and Hypnotherapy services. My astrology readings are of a spiritual and evolutionary evaluation of souls intent covering all aspects of life. My Hypnotherapy services covers a wide range of personal conflicts and change work including Medical Hypnosis for healing. Please visit my websites to learn more of what I offer. I am also available for Lecturing, Workshops and speaking engagements. Contact me through my websites if you are interested.

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