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Sonia Barrett is the Executive Producer of the documentary The Business of Disease which premiered at the Laemmle Theater, North Hollywood CA, November 2014 (official release in 2015). She is the author of The Holographic Canvas; the fusing of mind and matter, A Journey of Possibilities and Health an Inside Job an Outside Business. Sonia Barrett's insights are cutting edge with much of it supported by quantum physics. Her work bridges the gap between science and spirituality in a simplified format. She addresses the programming, beliefs and concepts which governs our lives both individually and collectively and discusses the importance of evolving our perception. Sonia Barrett has lectured at such conferences as the Alchemy Conference, Conscious Life Expo , the ISSSEEM conference and more. She has appeared in the documentary, Openings; a search for Harry, Ghetto Physics the movie Co-produced by E Raymond Brown and Will Arntz (Producer of What the Bleep do we know) and soon to be released Punk Science the Movie, produced by Dr. Manjir Samantha-Laughton. To find out more about Sonia Barrett and her work please visit