I am Claudia Granger, a Psychic Medium and Illuminating Mentor and Soul Empath, owner of the School of Wholeness Navigation. I am a passionate Spiritual Educator, who loves to work with people who have lots of spiritual questions and really want to know how they fit into the spiritual world. I love to connect them with their own power of Soul. As a result my clients feel grounded and elevated at the same time. Through their conscious soul connection arises a true sense of authentic self esteem and deep rooted knowledge. My clients understand themselves as multidimensional beings with core ...See All


Psychic from birth, she studied Theology in Germany to become a priest, participated in 2 Mystic Schools, one of them "Alrunia", in Germany. Claudia had private spiritual tutoring through her guides since birth and through a private spiritual tutor in Muenster, Germany.

Experience and Distinctions

Claudia has had her gift since childhood.
Her guides told her: "Confirmation comes through practice".
She started out doing healing work until she had "x-ray vision", her spiritual teachers always by her side and explaining continuously, and every day. After they found her ready to teach, they let her open the school "Dascalos Internum" - The Inner Teacher. In 1999 she came to America to teach a wider audience in Sedona, Arizona.
She has clients now all over the world, including Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and of course in the US Coast to Coast.

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Expert Services Offered
REIKI II CLASS   ($320) [+] Show More Info

Reiki II In this class we are atuned to the Reiki level II after the Dr. Usui method, get the initiation for the second degree and learn about the symbols used for distant healing. Beyond that, we will learn all sorts of distant healing methods and will do a lot of practical exercises. Please ask me for details and also check out:http://claudiagranger.com/classes/class-reiki/class-reiki-ii/

REIKI I CLASS   ($320) [+] Show More Info

In this REIKI I Class, we learn about the basic REIKI PRINCIPALS AFTER DR. USUI'S METHOD.There will be a Reiki alignment and an initiation so that you are anchored to the Reiki Grid or morphogeneric field. In Reiki I, we also learn about the basic traditional hand positioning and why we position the hands this way. In addition, we learn not only the "hands on method", but also the method of how to work within the auric field. Details here.http://claudiagranger.com/classes/class-reiki/363-2

1 Hour of a Private Reading Session   ($150) [+] Show More Info

In this customized session, you can get a mix and match of all reading modalities, customize to your needs. For all the different sessions, please see my website at www.ClaudiaGranger.com

Teach others HOW TO SEE AURAS   ($300) [+] Show More Info

In this individualized course you will BOTH - LEARN AND TEACH- HOW TO SEE AURAS and FEEL THEM TOO! It is an exciting modality to have. The more you practice, the more you can see. Have fun in this course!

How to do NUMEROLOGY READINGS   ($300) [+] Show More Info

This Course will allow you to understand the intuitive meaning of the numbers. YOU will learn HOW TO DO COMPLETE AND PROFESSIONAL NUMEROLOGY READINGS. Your clients will be amazed about YOUR ACCURACY. You will be able to give numerology readings WITH A GOOD CONSCIENCE!

AS SEEN ON TV - How to deal with or clear GHOSTS   ($300) [+] Show More Info

You will learn HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE SPIRITS OF ALL KINDS AND CLOSE PORTALS. You will be able to keep LIGHT HEARTED and uplifted in the process. YOU WILL LEARN NOT TO BE AFRAID OF NEGATIVE ENTITIES, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SECURE AND KNOWLEDGEABLE. This Instruction will take as long as you need it, until you feel secure.

6 Month Psychic Medium Certification Course   ($1,000) [+] Show More Info

This Course will allow you to be SECURE IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING AS A PSYCHIC AND MEDIUM. You will be trained, if need be daily, on an INDIVIDUALIZED SCHEDULE to your needs. You will be able to CONNECT TO SPIRIT, SEE AURAS, SEE SPIRITS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE INDIVIDUAL KINDS OF SPIRITS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM! You will not be one of those, who say they channel Jesus, come to find out that it is "Hesus", recently deceased from Mexico, on your spirit line. YOU will be able to commune with the HIGHEST SPIRITS IN AN AUTHENTIC MANNER BECAUSE OF YOUR INTEGRITY!

6 Month Past Life Regression Certification Course   ($600) [+] Show More Info

In this INDIVIDUALIZED CERTIFICATION PROGRAM your will thoroughly learn how to bring and connect people to their PAST LIVES/PARRALLEL LIVES and also heal those Past Lives, if there is a need for healing. That means your clients will be able to get rid of Phobias or other trauma, which rippled through their lives. When you are done with this CERTIFICATION COURSE, you will be secure enough in what you are doing, to help others and to create a BUSINESS with INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY!

1 Hour of a Private Medium Session    ($190) [+] Show More Info

In this hour with your Crossed Over Loved Ones, we not only talk to them, but we also help you to connect on your own in a safe and enjoyable way. If they show themselves clearly, I will also do a quick drawing for your confirmation on how I perceive them and which then will be sent to you for downloading. I have often heard the confirmation from my clients that "this was exactly the hairstyle" or "this were exactly the glasses" or "these were exactly the earrings" my loved one always wore. Much LOVE from my heart to yours, Claudia

Learning Intrest
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During the "The Instantly Feel Better Seminar" we will do some exercises, which you can easily do on your own, wherever you are. How to let go of emotional baggage and other smaller or bigger burden and get instant results and become light hearted and uplifted. Enjoy!
This class of mystic knowledge is special and only right for the bold personality. I will divulge some secret knowledge, which has been rarely talked about in the open and rarely been used by the masses in recent times. This is a doorway to opening up your life. This is a gateway to vast understanding of the inner realms and how the universe works. In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was GOD and the word was with GOD. SOUND CARRIES INTELLIGENCE AND THE ENERGY OF MANIFESTATION. This is very delicate knowledge and before I will divulge more, I would like you to participate in this first learning of the A (Alpha) and O (Omega) the beginning and end of energy. Are you up for it? Are you ready to open the door of mystic knowledge? Then say "yes" to this teaser and practice the first door opening. - THE SPECIAL PART WILL INCLUDE THE FORMULA FOR THE INSTANT CHACRA OPENING, THE THIRD EYE OPENING AND THE AKASHIC CONNECTION TO THE "O" FREQUENCY - Much love and lIght from my heart to yours, Claudia PS Thanks to whoever created this ABC image, as the source is unknown to me. In this time and day, it is difficult to decree, who created what. I am happy to give you credit!
Claudia Granger
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Recorded: Oct 16, 2015 at 02:00 pm EST
This is an interactive class. That means I will work with your birthdays and give you informations on what your core energies and timelines mean.This is a beginners class to put your toe into the waters of Numerology and to see, whether the waters fit your wishes and needs or interests. If your are interested then to learn more about my intuitive Numerology system, you can subscribe to an Numerology Intensive 101 class,where I divulge all the mystic information I got on the numbers. This might be a several hour and day class, depending on your willingness to learn. Numerology can give you insights on: - your Karma, - your Timeline in live, - your Past Life connections, - your motivation in life, - what this year and the upcoming year holds for you. Be surprised and I am looking forward to working with YOU! :-) Love and Light on your path, Claudia