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Randi's healing career began in 1997 after receiving her certifications as both a Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki Master Teacher and an Integrative Yoga Therapy yoga instructor. She soon opened SpiritWithin Studios in Owings, MD, and practiced both modalities until 2005.
She continued her training in Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as The Results System, two techniques that create profound shifts in habituated thoughts and feelings by accessing beliefs held in the subconscious mind.

In the spring of 2010, while meditating, Randi spontaneously began channeling the Ashtar Command, a group of Lightbeings and angels who are assisting us as the Earth ...See All

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4th-Dimensional Healing Sessions   ($100) [+] Show More Info

This energy work takes place multi-dimensionally, and many Lightbeings and spirits join us in the healing space. While working in the etheric field, they provide healing on the four bodies — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — as well as provide information for you, and guidance for future change.

Channeled Readings   ($100) [+] Show More Info

I channel, the Federation of Councils, an intergalactic group of benevolent Lightbeings who are dedicated to guiding us through these times of change. They welcome any question you have, and offer a holistic view of possible choices and outcomes. They are fully committed to our Free Will, and so do not “tell the future” or make predictions. The Federation of Councils’ messengers send the Light Energies as needed to heal karmic wounds, unhealthy cords and attachments, trauma energies and more, as agreed upon by you and your Higher Self.

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Health and wellness begin in the mind. Negative thoughts and belief systems not only cause emotional pain, can eventually manifest in physical illness or dis-ease. As we clear away these blocks we open our energy channels to receive more of the pure Love that we really are. This class will cover: � the concepts of illness and wellness from the spiritual perspective of Wholeness; � muscle-testing; � five emotional clearing techniques; and � various ways to create protection from others'. This class is great for new and experienced healers who want to add more processes to their work, as well as anyone who has a desire to heal themselves.
Randi Botnick
Ended: Apr 12, 2016 at 09:00 pm EST
Randi Botnick is a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Energy Healer. Here she will be talk about her new book, 4th Dimensional Healing: A Guidebook for a New Paradigm of Healing, in which she details what can be expected as you move into the 4th-dimensional awareness. This may include having an increase in spiritual experiences that may involve insights and information from other beings. Intuition develops more fully, increasing empathy, precognition, dreams and healing abilities. Connections may be made with angelic beings, elementals and alien races. Randi will explain why becoming comfortable with your gifts and developing relationships with other-dimensional beings can help you heal the root causes of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.