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Moving forward in our lives involves removing the blocks that hold us back emotionally, spiritually, physically. By manifesting more of what we truly intend, we can then release limiting beliefs that undermine our connection to what is truly important in our lives.

Lynne Hartwell is a Transformational Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive, and Spiritual Guide. Her success lies within her ability to connect with clients and the public through identifying the actual cause of the emotional, physical or spiritual challenge. Her compassion, humor, and ability to communicate clearly allows others to feel immediately at ease and understand better ...See All


Lynne started her career in corporate America within middle management. From this she learned the skills of communication, organization, motivational coaching, networking, and identifying root cause and analysis (corrective & preventative action of unfavorable situations). She successfully integrated these skills as she transferred professions and became self employed as a Holistic Health professional, becoming the founder of L'Unique Realm. During her years in corporate America, she acquired an eclectic combination of holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical skills that she currently uses in unison within her practice. She has certifications in Medicinal Aromatherapy, ThetaHealing, TSR (Therapeutic System Realignment), and Vibrational Sound Therapy ...See All

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Lynne discovered early in her life that everything on the Earth and in the Universe vibrate with their own frequencies. Through these frequencies there exists a Connection that linked all things together. She studied the natural world and various spiritual cultures, including philosophies, music, and dance. She also began working with crystals & gemstones, learning their properties, vibrational interactions and how they affect us positively at the physical, emotional & spiritual level. She studied D'Jembe, shamanic drumming, and cultural dancing with master teachers, Medicine Wheel Circle ceremony, and energy patterns and meridians of the body, land, or homes. She has ...See All

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Are you beginning your spiritual path and seek to develop your "gifts"? Seek to Connect with those of like mind in a non-judgemental, supportive, and safe environment? Unsure if you are an Empath or Lightworker, and what you sense or feel is "real" or imagination? Then this is the group for you! Monthly we will meet and learn how to develop our "gifts", interpret messages we are receiving from within or elsewhere, and discuss current situations or challenges, and how to continue moving forward. For those who have already been on their path and Spiritual Development, please check out the group "Awakened Consciousness"-a monthly group that occurs every 4th Sunday: https://www.learnitlive.com/class/11255/Awakened-Consciousness-Continuing-upon-our-Spiritual-Path-Development
"I don't have time to meditate" "I can never empty my mind enough to meditate right" "Meditation doesn't work" "I don't know which meditation style to use" Any of the above sound familiar? Meditation is one of the most important techniques we have to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, negativity, and bring balance to body~spirit~mind. And yet so many of us don't practice for various reasons. Join us for an illuminating and fun workshop where we will explore different styles of meditation, and be led in some guided meditations by Lynne Hartwell-an experienced guided meditation facilitator who has been helping others regain balance in their lives through the healing power of meditation.
Receive Messages from your Spiritual Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Higher Vibrational Beings who are acting in guidance for you & assisting to help you move beyond current challenges you face or have been facing. (Loved ones who have crossed over may also come through if they are acting as a guide for you) Reach a deeper Connection within yourself to move beyond the blocks that hold you back emotionally, physically and spiritually. *Everyone will receive a reading/message. Know that sometimes who we do not expect to appear may come through
In order to move forward in our lives with prosperity, joy, and grace we first must release what holds us back. ~Feel blocked and cannot move forward in your life? ~At a crossroads and not sure which direction to move in? ~Want to make positive changes into your life, but feel "stuck" and cannot make the necessary move? Energetic Balance & Realignment (or EBR) is a technique that removes the limiting belief systems that hold you back in a gentle, safe manner. These limiting beliefs create blocks in your energy, sabotaging the ability to manifest what we truly want in our lives. This technique has been highly successful with people from all backgrounds and needs, and can be beneficial in helping you move forward as well. This will be a group session in which you will learn what EBR is, how it works, receive energy healing & the removal of the blocks that hold you back. You will also receive tips and techniques on how to manifest more of what you will have into your life.
~Finding it difficult to remain Spiritual and Grounded in your everyday life? ~Have you been seeking to experience a greater Balance at the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level? ~Are you feeling at a cross roads or blocked from manifesting more of what you will have into your life? Facilitated by Lynne Hartwell, this monthly group is designed to provide a sanctuary for those seeking to elevate their understanding of their life's Path and Purpose. This group is designed to address the concerns of those who have been walking this path for decades, or for those who more recently started. Group discussion and individual attention will be encouraged, but is not mandatory. Participants may also receive Messages from Spiritual Guides and Higher Vibrational Beings or Energy Healing to help them on their Journey. You are not alone. Through Connection with each other we become stronger within ourselves. Through Community with others of like mind we discover a Bridge into ourselves and our Purpose, where moving forward through challenges is possible. *Please note that due to time restrictions I will need to limit actual individual discussion time & question/answers to the first 8 people who register. It is highly recommended for all others who wish to participate in this event to register-you will be receiving valuable information that can help you on your journey.
In order to move forward in our lives with prosperity, joy, and grace we first must release what holds us back. - Feel blocked in your life and cannot move forward no matter what you do? - Are you at a crossroads in your life and desire change, but don't know what to do or fear making change? - Do you feel "lost" with the direction your life has taken? Join us for a 30 minute presentation where you will learn how energy affects you, and how you can make positive change to truly manifest into your life what you intend. Participants will learn some energy balancing techniques, and more about this transformational modality and how to benefit from this system.
In order to move forward in our lives with prosperity, joy, and grace we first must release that of which holds us back. In this introductory class, participants will learn the principles of how energy affects them, both positively and negatively. They will learn techniques on how they can better balance their own energetic system, and participate in a short meditation where they will receive energy healing. Energetic Balancing and Realignment is a transformational healing modality that has been highly successful with both the general public and with professionals in the field. These techniques have dynamically shifted others who have felt "lost" with the direction their life has taken or with blocks that occur at the physical, emotional, or spiritual level. Discover what it means to move beyond what holds you back body, mind, and soul. Lynne's ability to lead sessions with compassion, humor, and respect has helped participants overcome the fear and frustration experienced when they don't know the answers or which direction to take. For maximum benefit please be sure to be in a room or space where you will not be interrupted by either people or electronic devices. What to bring to your session: Bring a focus on what aspect of your life you feel the most "blocked" or have difficulties moving forward with. Pen/Paper (optional).