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To have a successful relationship you have to know what it takes to create one. In this class you will learn 5 keys that you need to experience the amazing relationship you desire. Gain clarity and a better understanding of what you and your partner needs. Relationships take work, but with the right approach they are completely worth it.
You'll Learn: - Why thinking men and women are the same is a set up for misunderstandings in all of your relationships. - How learning to navigate the differences between the masculine and feminine is the key to turning everything around, enhancing your energy, and creating the loving relationship you desire. - Why you must learn how to express what you truly need to your partner so that you can make great deals and create harmony in your lives.
Discover 7 attitudes and actions that defeat love and marriage, often without you even knowing it. Find out what to do instead to find love and create happy, sexy love that lasts in a relationship.
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When things are going great in relationship, we are happy. However, when one or both of us gets upset, things go south. How do we manage the inevitable emotional triggers, arguments, and conflicts that arise in relationship? We will show you how to manage your emotions and come back to center quickly. Learn how you can speak your truth from a place of powerful vulnerability to get you the love, understanding and connection you desire. You will learn: - About the fight, flight or freeze reaction of the reptile brain within us all; - How to identify when you are heading there or already in it; - How to shift from the reactive reptile brain to your responsive frontal lobe; - How to Soothe yourself and the other through the power of empathy and understanding; - How to grow closer through conflict through the power of courageous vulnerability.
Have you been waiting too long to find the love of your life? I want you to be empowered. I want you to find a quality man that will adore you, a man that you can love in such a way that everyone around you knows it and senses the depth of your partnership. You will gain access to: - Understanding men - Your life vision--the calling of your heart - Breaking old dating and relationship patterns - Being irresistible where men naturally gravitate towards you
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Jenn Royster
Recorded: Feb 16, 2016 at 08:30 pm EDT
What is a soul healthy relationship? Your soul, is a key player is what's going on with your relationships. How does this affect your happiness? Dr Jenn Royster will be discussing how your soul will find a way to align you with your Truth and how you can tune in and listen to your soul speak Truth to you. When you listen to your personal Truth, you'll discover the formula to attract happy healthy relationships that support you. You will also discover which ones you need to let go.
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When it comes to the modern dating world, it's a jungle out there! Online apps have created a culture of split second swipes, and first impressions are frequently made behind the comfort of a screen. How can you best navigate this space, meet more people and enjoy a rich and fulfilling dating life? In this 30 minute class, I'll give you tools that will help you survive and thrive in the wild (machetes not provided).
Is finding true love as realistic as winning the lottery? Do you still hope to find the love your heart desires? If the answer is yes, then it is time for you to learn the Right Way to find the "Right Partner"...for you! Learn "How to" : date smart, not settle, enjoy the journey and know how to be true to yourself. Yes, find the love that brings you complete happiness!
It is our divine right to experience love in all it's glory, and the key to manifesting true love is to know yourself, and love yourself first! Are you looking for someone else to make you happy? Are you living every day with love and joy? Do you love yourself enough to show up every day in your authenticity? Are you living every day according to your true values? Are you getting all of your needs met without being dependent on others to fulfill those needs? When you come from a place of love and abundance, this is what you attract into your life...so let's start there, and allow TRUE love to manifest in our lives! Whether you are currently in a relationship, or looking for "the one", the relationship you have with yourself is the most important. This session will include exercises, and the opportunity to receive coaching to manifest your true desires, and live a happy life every day, regardless of outside circumstances. It is time for you to live a life of true happiness, health, security and peace, and you are never alone on your journey!
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Let's face it--Online dating can feel like shark-infested waters, especially if you are a spiritual and aware person seeking the same. It can also be a great tool! Join this session to learn about mindful principles, grounded in kindness and authenticity, that will help you navigate the dating pool in a way that resonates with your own personal values. Let's invest in the process and people as we search for our next great love!
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Starla Neal
Love and Relationships
Recorded: Feb 16, 2016 at 06:30 pm EDT
I'll explain what it means to be respected and why it's important to have respect in a relationship.
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We all know that both men and women are visual creatures. I mean why do you think Tinder is so popular? Did you know that it only takes 30 seconds to make a great first impression? Research shows that men and women judge one another in that first impression stage on two things: your clothes and your attitude. So it's important to present the best physical (as well as internal) version of YOU when you're out in the world. To help you do just that, makeover and dating expert, Kimberly Seltzer will be conducting a special image and flirting class to help you rock out a fantastic dating look that will make you feel sexy, confident and energized so that you can attract the opposite sex. Let me just tell you: you are going to LOVE Kimberly. She helps clients transform their lives inside and out by helping them look and feel their best with sexy and authentic makeovers. In this class, she is going to teach you the secrets of what comprises a sexy, confident dating image that will attract men and women within the first 30 seconds of an encounter. In addition to answering all of your personal questions, Kimberly will cover: The top universal secrets to what the opposite sex finds attractive and what looks good on your body How to rock out a great first impression and fine-tune your dating image Her magic formula for attraction The art of flirting Increase your confidence through your body language, attitude and style And for another treat, if you participate on this call you will find out how you can get a personalized dating wardrobe assessment and hear more juicy secrets about flirting and makeover tips.
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