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Danielle Gibbons
Recorded: Dec 07, 2015 at 10:00 pm EDT
Please join us for this free event and help celebrate yourself and all who let go enough this year to make room for love and spacious living. In Claiming Your Power to Create, Mother Mary will show you the joy and empowerment that comes from letting go, and discovering your power to create, connect, and choose a life that supports your hearts desires. The courage to acknowledge, embrace and take action for your hearts desires can happen in fits and starts. Mother will share some actions you can take each day to keep your courage more consistent and keep fear from overwhelming your need to blossom and thrive. She will also weave together Claiming Your Power to Create with Her class, Spiritual Magic, to take you deeper into the energy that fuels your life and fulfills your dreams. Together the two classes will give you insight and prepare you for Mothers in depth 2016 video course, also called Spiritual Magic. Thank you for an amazing year! Say tuned for more loving and inspired offerings in the coming year. We hope to see you there. Namaste
Spiritual experience can feel wonderful but often seem different than ordinary practical life. Animals inspired Dr. Laurie Moore to create a career and life in which spiritual states and practical success/fulfillment occur together. She will share how you can create love relationship and financial success for your dream businesses by learning keys that she discovered from animals while working as a psychotherapist for humans and also an animal communicator. * Create Your Dream Business or Participation-Experience at Work * Find Your Life Mate * Experience Spiritual Ecstasy in the Context of Your Daily Life *Be Your Unique Self Rather than a Formula * Learn form the Inspiration of Jessie the Feline and Other Animals
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This is an opportunity to receive regular and ongoing spiritual mentoring from a living Guru. This class will contain priceless teachings and divine energy to help you deal with and manage the challenges life may throw your way and find more peace and happiness than you ever thought possible. These classes are open to everyone, whether you are struggling with relationships, money, health or you simply want to unlock and discover your unique purpose in life and feel great. You'll come away with a new perspective on life and an expanded consciousness.... it will be a life-changing experience!