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We will take a look at how to keep your connection alive by staying present and you'll walk away from the session knowing: - The 6 important relationships needs. - How to build a connection- with your partner instead of a case against them. - How to speak- to connect instead of to regret. Join Relationship Coach Dr. Ann West and gain the tools you need to help you stay in your heart when triggered by another's actions. It's only a matter of time until you'll be able to stay aware of your feelings and express them without being demanding to your beloved.
This 30-minute class by Imelda Almqvist introduces key principles from her shamanic work with children and teenagers. It introduces ways of creating sacred space where young people can develop their innate spirituality and communicate with their own spirit allies, - without adults imposing a belief system, religion or intermediary. Imelda has found that young people can so arrive at a viable spiritual toolkit for life. This allows them to resolve challenges and issues in their lives from a place of higher consciousness, creativity and "thinking outside the box". Imelda's book by the same title will be published in September 2016 and she will soon be offering more classes on Learnitlive based on her innovative work with The Time Travellers, her shamanic program for children and teenagers in London , UK. Imelda is currently recording sessions for her own radio progra, called "Natural Born Shamans", on A Shamanic Life Radio in the USA, in partnership with John Carosella.
Join me as we discuss the role of spirit guides in our lives on Earth. Where they come from, who they are, why and how they communicate with us. How we can learn the skills to help strengthen our spiritual connections for better intuition, mental clarity, and healing energy to open the chakras for healing body, mind and spirit. A Spirit Guide Connection meditation is included in this session.
Dear animal lovers, have you wanted to find a way to communicate and connect with your animals to improve their health and behavior, and your relationship with them? This 30 min. introductory class for beginners will include a guided meditation for grounding and centering yourself, and activating the intuitive centers, helping you prepare for communication. You will also learn about and practice the first step in animal communication, sensing through the body. If after seeing how easy it is, you want to learn more on the topic, join me in my successive classes.
When life throws you a hardball, do you ever respond by checking out -- then can't get back on track? It's like part of your life force has gone missing, and it can leave you depressed, apathetic, unsure of yourself or of life, and even prone to addictions. Things like painful breakups; loss of a parent; emotional, sexual or physical abuse; an accident or surgery, or experiences of war, can lead to partial soul loss. Learn how you can recover your full life force with shamanic soul retrieval healing, and love your life again!
Being in touch with our soul is the key to easy effective change. Everyone hits a wall from time to time. Learn 5 ways to deepen or even establish your soul connection and watch your life improve exponentially. Using the 5 tips shared one is able to expand their capacity to experience universal source energy. The result is to navigate through life easier mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We are a spark of the divine, shift into a higher state of consciousness and abundance by accessing your soul's energy today. A 5 minute soul connection meditation is shared.
Shamanic Journeying is an ancient and powerful way to connect to sources of guidance and healing, but it's not the only way to view the world through "shaman's eyes" and experience some of the healing power of shamanic practice. This session offers some simple ways to connect to the world in a more shamanic way that can help bring balance, healing and peace into your life.
This class is about clearing one's energy field, most specifically the "Hollow" the tube that we connect and access energy from above and below. We will be learning how to expand the hollow into a full torus shape. I will share about what I see when I tune in to work with clients, whether that be as a therapist, a Psychic, or a Reiki Master. At times I see the tube pinched off at the top, or the bottom, or both, and what that shows up as: Depression, Anxiety, lack of grounding, loneliness, and blocked flow. We will do some simple body movement, then grounding and clearing, opening up the hollow from a narrow tube to expanding it with our intention to becoming larger than our bodies, into a full flowingTorus. We will do a guided process that can be redone at anytime to clear the flow and keep things moving in our experience. I will then take questions and close.
Viviana Duncan
Spirituality > Developing Intuition
Recorded: Apr 10, 2016 at 10:00 pm EDT
Sacred Activations is a powerful modality that clears thousands of cultural, religious and mass consciousness belief systems that keep many of us 'stuck' and out of the flow of life. These belief systems effect various parts of our life such as: relationships, career, finance, spiritual abilities, health and so on. When we clear these belief systems it aligns us not only with our true potential and authentic selves- it also allows life to become 'effortless' and your purpose in life becomes clearer. The first class I will be offering an introduction to Sacred Activations and the first 3 Foundation Activations. 1.) The Lord Metatron activation enables you to navigate through Earth's changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to new crystalline levels, and is in sync with Gaia's evolution from a 3rd Dimensional to 5th Dimensional planet (The dimensions are not the same as the levels or planes.) 2.) The Avebury/Stonehenge activation increases your healing and psychic abilities, enabling you to communicate with your Higher-Self, your Guides, Angels, the Creator, and other realms. Personally, my clairvoyance (psychic seeing) and clairaudience (psychic hearing) have become stronger. 3.) The Moses Code activation recharges your cells, making you more youthful and rejuvenated. With this activation it is easier to focus on your dreams and make them a reality.
Your energy systems are your key to health, happiness, abundance and well-being. Your energy systems are your soul's interface with your physical body. Some systems, such as, chakras, meridians, layers of the auric field you may have heard of. Other energy systems are not as widely known. It has been estimated that 97% of all physical ailments, emotional issues and psychological disorders start out as an energetic imbalance. Energy healing is one of the most effective tools for restructuring the underlying atomic matrix in a person to facilitate full and complete healing. Healing is about restoring yourself fully to your soul, emotional balance, mental clarity, and physical health. Come and learn to work with your energy systems. It is fun, exciting and can help you create and maintain your vitality, joy, wealth and inner peace. Join us for a fun exploration into discovering and working with your energy systems.
Is finding true love as realistic as winning the lottery? Do you still hope to find the love your heart desires? If the answer is yes, then it is time for you to learn the Right Way to find the "Right Partner"...for you! Learn "How to" : date smart, not settle, enjoy the journey and know how to be true to yourself. Yes, find the love that brings you complete happiness!
We all know that both men and women are visual creatures. I mean why do you think Tinder is so popular? Did you know that it only takes 30 seconds to make a great first impression? Research shows that men and women judge one another in that first impression stage on two things: your clothes and your attitude. So it's important to present the best physical (as well as internal) version of YOU when you're out in the world. To help you do just that, makeover and dating expert, Kimberly Seltzer will be conducting a special image and flirting class to help you rock out a fantastic dating look that will make you feel sexy, confident and energized so that you can attract the opposite sex. Let me just tell you: you are going to LOVE Kimberly. She helps clients transform their lives inside and out by helping them look and feel their best with sexy and authentic makeovers. In this class, she is going to teach you the secrets of what comprises a sexy, confident dating image that will attract men and women within the first 30 seconds of an encounter. In addition to answering all of your personal questions, Kimberly will cover: The top universal secrets to what the opposite sex finds attractive and what looks good on your body How to rock out a great first impression and fine-tune your dating image Her magic formula for attraction The art of flirting Increase your confidence through your body language, attitude and style And for another treat, if you participate on this call you will find out how you can get a personalized dating wardrobe assessment and hear more juicy secrets about flirting and makeover tips.