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Chakras are something every living thing in this world has within their bodies. It helps us interact with the world and connects our spiritual energy with our living tissues and organs. Come dive deeper into understanding your 108 chakras. Learn how to heal your own energy systems and tap into this amazing system of wisdom and insight! New series on Learn It Live starting Wednesday November 29th with a FREE 30 minute introduction and continuing with 60 minute classes December 6th and December 13th. In this 30 minute FREE introduction learn about the chakras, how you can clear their energy and how they help you connect with this amazing world.
Want to take back more control from your illness and live a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life? This FREE introductory class explains how learning meditation and mindfulness skills will help you live better with chronic illness. Includes a brief mindful eating meditation.
Are you "a diabetic"? Do you walk around every day wearing this unenviable badge? Well, there is more to this disease than you think and you have much more control than you think. In 1980, the global diabetic population was less than 50 million, now it is close to 300 million. In my brief webinar, you will learn these 5 things: 1. What is causing the increase in Diabetes 2. Why did you become diabetic 3. What can you do to cure your diabetes 4. Why does your blood sugar spike in the morning 5. What is there besides diet and exercise
Like with any other condition, there are many physical and biochemical factors that influence diabetes and how we heal, treat, or prevent it. From a holistic perspective, our health is also directly influenced by our mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Join consciousness expansion teacher and holistic nutritionist, Evita Ochel to explore the mind-body connection as it relates to diabetes. Learn the language of your body and what a diabetes diagnosis reflects about your inner landscape to tackle healing and prevention at the root level.
Learn how much power you have within to create lasting health and happiness. Discover a greater understanding of where healing comes from, so you can heal with more ease, grace, and success. Natural healing methods have sped up the healing process for many people. Explore natural, easy-to-follow, and fun healing techniques you can practice on your own. In this workshop we will: - Expose what we are really trying to heal - Evaluate attitudes of mind that support healing - Clarify how love helps one transcend the effects of disease - Learn techniques to help feel immediate relief
Life Coach Peggy Sealfon shares mindfulness strategies to activate dormant natural healing capabilities that can reduce the impact of diabetes. Learn how to enter an integrated state of being--a balance of mind and body--in which health and well-being are dramatically improved. Mindfulness training has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cognitive function and impact better management of diabetes, especially for impulse awareness when it comes to diet. These skills can also be effective in mitigating stress, anxiety and depression which often accompany--and increase--diabetic symptoms. Learn how through training and practice, you can be empowered to overcome adversity and discover the secrets to reducing the physical and mental effects of diabetes.
Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of medicine from India. In Ayurveda we use diet, lifestyle, spices and herbs to treat, and in many cases, reverse the course of type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes can also be helped by Ayurvedic wisdom. Learn about this holistic time honored approach to creating health and vitality.
Dealing with an energy limiting chronic illness can be overwhelming, we all want to live the best life we can but just how do we get there? Discover the 8 Steps you can take to a more relaxed, balanced fulfilling life. A life where you are in control rather than your illness controlling you!
In this experiential international workshop: - Utilize art and ritual tools - Express and reclaim your connection to spirituality and sensuality as the source of your Transformative leadership - Have fun in a supportive on-line environment. - Reconnect to deeper intimacy in relationships with yourself and others - Improve relational confidence and leadership framework Register today for a 100% discount Description: Reclaiming Sacred Sensuality is a 45 minute encore teaser to learn tools to strength healthier relationships to sensuality and spirituality, decreasing stress, and building transformative leadership. We encourage embodiment of the Fiercely Divine you. *LGBT & Divine feminine affirming
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In this exciting inter-active class we start dreaming our way into the 2 year Sacred Art Practitioner Training at Pendle Hill in the USA! This course has a strong Mystery School aspect. Many spiritual schools of thought teach that we all co-dream the world into being. My co-teacher Susan Rossi and I now wish to take this concept one step further and invite a group of interested people to start dreaming this course into being outside time. We will be looking for the following things: what themes are coming to attention - meaning that they crop up collectively? Are there other questions and intentions we need to dream on as a group to prepare ourselves for doing top quality work at Pendle Hill from January? Here in London I do a lot of dream work with groups of students and I am blown away every time by the layers of meaning and treasure trove of inspiration our dreams offer collectively. And once we start dreaming as a group - our dreams get even more powerful! For more information, please visit: https://flyingtotheheart.com/ http://www.shaman-healer-painter.co.uk/info2.cfm?info_id=214851
Do you want to live in freedom? Freedom from fear. Freedom to see life as an adventure to be savored, rather than an ordeal to get through. This is the freedom that comes from opening in Love to all beings, especially your Self, knowing that you are one with all life. This is the freedom that comes from knowing you are divine, a divine spark of Source/Creator. This is the freedom that comes from knowing that you create your life, so you can change what you wish to change.
Abundance. That one little word can mean the difference between you enjoying your life and it being a struggle. But, what does it mean? Basically, when you have abundance in your life you are able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them - and you are able to provide the kind of lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family. Google refers to Abundance as: Plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity. Your Abundance Set Point is determined by 2 things. #1 - Your Abundance Vibration #2 - Your Ability To Take Impactful Action In The Physical World You can think positive thoughts till the cows come home, but if you haven't taken impactful action to be prepared for opportunities when they come your way, you will lose out. On the other hand, if all you do is work, work, work and you don't seem to get ahead - then it's time to have some energy clearing and energy attunements to increase your Abundance Set Point. In this course, I'm going to show you how to increase your Abundance Vibration as well as how to identify the most Impactful Actions that you can take in order to increase Abundance in your life. (Thought + Action = Success) There are three different types of abundance: Money (Power to decide your lifestyle) Success (Opportunities, Career/Business, Status) Personal (Love, Family, Daily Flow, Happiness) Have you ever felt frustrated by seeing other people who are already successful become more successful? Or by watching somebody who is already wealthy become even wealthier? Well I'm here to tell you that the number one reason that people who are already successful attract more success is because of their "Abundance Vibration". An Abundance Vibration is the specific vibration that a person emanates which either attracts or repels abundance in their life. And just like how a magnet can attract or repel, your energy field can do the same with abundance. Your Abundance Vibration affects everyone and everything around you, drawing to you or repelling abundance and success just like a magnet. Unfortunately, just thinking positive thoughts doesn't quite cut it, because your Abundance Vibration has it's own "Abundance Set Point", which acts as a throttle to either attract or repel abundance in your life. The reason that it just doesn't work consistently to simply think positive thoughts is because your Abundance Set Point is based on your energy field and your subconscious patterns, not your conscious mind. So really, you can think all of the positive happy thoughts in the world, you can do all of the positive affirmations you want to and you can make all of the vision boards you want to, but it's not going to work unless you address the underlying energetic patterns and subconscious blocks that you have that are controlling your abundance set point. That's why I created Vibeology Abundance - it's a method of Manifesting Abundance in your life that I created to help you raise your Abundance Vibration. Through the art and science of learning how to apply the Vibeology Abundance method, you can learn how to retrain and attune your energy field to attract more abundance to you. Because when your vibration acts as an abundance magnet, you simply draw situations and circumstances to you that are abundant with the opportunities and wealth that you desire. In this course, I'm going to teach you: How to use ARISE - my Abundance Vibration Raising Method, to attune your vibration to attract more abundance to you. How to identify where your "Abundance Set Point" is at - and how to raise it so that you can begin to attract more opportunities and wealth into your life. How to decode your InnerSpirit Whispers to discover what you really want in life. (it might be different than you think) How to identify and eliminate self-sabotage using my External Accountability Method. How to identify your "Fear Of Success" triggers so that you can eliminate them. How to reset your "Success Set Point" to allow yourself to manifest more success in your career or business. How to understand Your "Abundance Set Point" and begin to communicate with your past self to help you identify why your Abundance Blocks were set up in the first place. How to meet and develop a strong connection with your "Abundance Angel", your Spirit Guide from the other side who's goal it is to help you manifest your hearts desires. How to identify the most Impactful Actions in the physical world that you can take in order to increase Abundance in your life. (Thought + Action = Success) Let's talk about money here for a moment. Okay so money is one of those things that in this world if you don't have it you are hurting. Money is how you buy the lifestyle that you desire, it's how you put food on your table for your family and it determines whether or not you have the ability to live in the kind of home you want to live in - and to travel to the destinations you would like to travel to. Essentially, it determines the kind of lifestyle that you are going to have. Examples Of High Abundance Set Points: Throughout my years of working as a professional psychic, celebrity branding specialist and musician, I have met many different types of people with many different types of abundance set points. I have worked with some of the most famous celebrities in the world, creating branding and marketing campaigns to help them create more success in their lives and excel their careers. These people tend to have High abundance set points and attract more success and more opportunity to them quite easily, but many of them simply weren't born that way. You might be surprised to learn that many of them had to remove their own success and money blocks in order to get to where they are today. It would be interesting to note that even though to the layperson it may seem that these people who are famous feel like Superstar Success Stories 100% of the time every single day, it is just simply not the case. Everyone has room for growth in their lives and since life is a continous process of evolving, even though from the outside it may seem like someone who is a celebrity has it all, they too are in a continual process of refining their abundance magnet in order to attract more of the opportunities that they desire. In fact there are actually a number of broke celebrities out there. These broke celebrities were able to carve out some success using their success abundance magnet, but because they have not worked on their money magnet thoroughly, they are failing to receive the kind of money for their work that would truly help them to create the easily sustainable lifestyle that they want. Because it's all about how you are continually attracting money into your life now, not only about how you did it in the past. You know what I always say, "A Grammy and $7 will get you a latte at Starbucks, just like everyone else." Examples of Low Abundance Set Points The "Money and Success Isn't Spiritual" Setpoint Throughout my years working as a psychic I have also come across a number of people who acts like they are better than money and that by somehow not having an abundance of money in their lives that that makes them somehow more spiritual more connected to the universe or somehow makes them a better person. This is one of the most common abundance blocks that I see with people in regards to wealth with people who consider themselves spiritual people. Somewhere along the line in these people's lives they made the decision that being wealthy would somehow be a hindrance for them, and even though these people very obviously suffer in their lives because of not having enough money comma they still feel somewhere inside that they are being righteous by maintaining a certain level of poverty in their lives. I believe that this type of abundance set points is the result of seeing others be taken advantage of for the sake of money, by corporations or other people and these people with the low abundance set points made the decision at some point in time that they did not want to participate in an activity where people could be taken advantage of, so they subconsciously devided that the only way that they could make that happen is by rejecting money completely and taking on a low money abundance that point. Many of these types of people feel uncomfortable about the topic of money and have simply gotten used to never having enough of it. A lot of them go through Cycles where they will attract a certain amount of money, but then right as they attract more money they will have some kind of unexpected expense that that money needs to go towards like something breaking or needing to be replaced or something along those lines. This is because their energetic field and their subconscious gets really uncomfortable with receiving more money in their lives so there is energetically a discrepancy with that energy and therefore something comes about in their lives to take that money away from them. Well if you are listening to this and have had this type of low abundance set point in your financial area comma you probably want something better for yourself and your family then you have been having and it all comes down to doing energy clearing around the times in the past where you subconsciously or consciously made the decisions to stay at a low money set point, reprogramming your subconscious to approve of yourself receiving more money in your life and allowing yourself to love yourself enough to know that you deserve to have the kind of Lifestyle that abundance well can bring you. The "I Wasn't Raised With Success And Money" Setpoint Another type of low abundance setpoint occurs because people simply haven't been exposed to the kind of success or wealth or abundance that they desire comma so their subconscious mind self-sabotage as them anytime they try to achieve it. For example if your mom was an English teacher and your dad was bank manager and they encourage success, but simple getting by in life success, not kind of a worldwide notoriety kind of success. And let's say that you have a dream of becoming a New York Times bestselling author, well the chances of you actually achieving that are very very slim unless you actively reprogram your success set point as well as your wealth setpoint so that you can achieve the kind of success that you want even though you may not have been exposed to other people who are best selling authors before. You see this kind of abundance set point is really programmed initially by the types of people that you we raised around and that you are currently around. I'll give you another example. Studies show that many people who are overweight tend to have other friends who are overweight. Studies also show that you are likely to have a similar amount of wealth as the 5 closest people in your life have. Why is that? Well it is simply a matter of approval and entrainment. Everyone naturally seeks approval from people in their lives, and in order for you to break out of that kind of pattern, you need to raise your abundance set point so that you are no longer seeking approval from those people in your life and you begin to look elsewhere for support of your success Torrance people and materials that are supportive of where you want to go in your life. As for entrainment well basically if you do not allow yourself to be your own Alpha in your own life, then your energy field your life and your goals will acquiesce to others in your life and you will allow their energy to determine your own goals. Let me give you an example. Many years ago I was overweight and I had the goal of releasing that wait for once and for all. Well the other overweight friends that I had had an attitude of, yeah right not likely. and if I would have allowed their thoughts and their energy to affect me, I never would have lost all the weight that I lost. I had to become my own Alpha and stop seeking their approval in order for me to be successful and healthier in my life. And I'm happy to say that I successfully achieved that goal because I allowed myself to become my own Alpha. The "Life Is Struggle" Setpoint If you were raised in a household where there was a lot of struggle going on just to survive, you probably took on the "life is struggle" set point. Let's say for example you were raised in an environment where your parents had to have two or three jobs each just in order to survive and they really dislike their jobs and never did anything to change that throughout their lives, you are going have inherited their life is hard and there is never enough money to go around even though you work really hard kind of attitude. in this kind of an environment life is about struggle. and even if you were raised in this kind of environment and manage to get yourself out of it by say getting a college degree and a career that gives you a comfortable lifestyle Kama you may still have abundance blocks going on in your life that prevent you from creating even more success for yourself or more financial success because your subconscious mind was only able to adjust your abundance set point to be that which is right above where your parents were at, but no further. In this 4 session series, I'm going to teach you how to identify your Core Beliefs about your Abundance Set Point and help you to retrain your energy field - and your subconscious mind to help you attract more abundance to you so that you can become an Abundance Magnet. Session 1: Understanding Your "Abundance Set Point" and begin to communicate with your past self to help you identify why your Abundance Blocks were set up in the first place. Plus, receive your Abundance Code #1 Energy Attunement and Clearing. Session 2: Meeting your Abundance Angel - your Spirit Guide from the other side who's goal it is to help you manifest your hearts desires. Plus, receive your Abundance Code #2 Energy Attunement and Clearing. Session 3: Identify your Fear Of Success and Self-Sabotage triggers so that you can eliminate them and discover how to define your hearts desires in a way that works with your InnerSpirit and your subconscious mind so that you can begin to eliminate self-sabotage. Also, learn how to take positive action towards your goals by using my External Accountability Method. Plus, receive your Abundance Code #3 Energy Attunement and Clearing. Session 4: In this session, you’re going to get prepared for opportunity - by learning how to identify the most Impactful Actions that you can take in order to be prepared for manifesting your Heart’s Desires. Plus, you’ll do a major clearing of Abundance Blocks and begin to Re-Set your Abundance Set Point. And you’ll receive your Attraction Code #4 Energy Attunement and Clearing. See you in class! Abundant Blessings, WildFlower
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