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The course will cover the following areas: The Clairs - what are they and how are they used? Protection, boundaries, releasing fear Learn to "ground" excess energy from others (great for empaths) How to meditate, why to meditate, benefits and reasons Spirit guides and your higher self, what is the difference? Energy and empaths How to connect to spirit; psychically .vs mediumship Learn to read spirit symbolism How to deliver a reading professionally The ethics of our work I have been a medium for over 30 years and I will teach you the ways that I discovered along with my own personal experiences written into the course! Upon completion of this course you will know how to protect your energy, ground any extra energy you have picked up, know dos and don'ts of mediumship and how to deliver a professional reading online and offline. Week 1- The clairs, difference between a psychic and a medium (homework issued) Week 2 - Boundaries, grounding and meditation. (homework issued) Week 3 - Cleansing, Spirit guides, negative energies, empathy (optional homework) Week 4 - Dealing with grieving clients, Art of communication with spirit and symbolism (symbols homework) Week 5 - Art of delivery , morals and ethics, the law. (homework mandatory) Week 6 - live readings on people, voice is preferred. Course will run 6 weeks, one day a week. You will be expected to do readings to pass this course.
Master of Life (manifesting your future reality) Begins Sunday October 23rd 2016 This is a 5 week course at 1PM Eastern... Achieve the God Consious Level through Mastering Consious Detachment, while learning the "tools" to Manifest a new reality!!! Course Cost is $100 USD Course Content Week (1) 1. Introduction (3) 2. Conscious Detachment (7) 3. Existentialism (3) 4. Time to Smile (5) 5. What is the Truth (3) 6. Controlling thoughts to the Positive (5) Week (2) 7. Six Spiritual Laws relative to Mastering Life (7) 8. Vision (7) 9. Affirmation essentials (5) 10. Belief (3) 11. Orb of true clarity Meditation (6) 12. Are you CRAZY, I AM (3) Week (3) 13. Ex Ni Hilo (3) 14. LOVE Vibration vs the Fear Vibration (8) 15. Lessons (6) 16. Connecting the Silent Space (14) Week (4) 17. Mer Ka Ba (5) 18. Vibrational alignment meditation (3) 19. You are energy (7) 20. String Theory and Blind Manifestations 21. Manifestation Process (8) Week (5) 22.Manifestation experiences 23.Ebb and Flow mastery (6) 24. Spiritual Tools (23) a. Ego Mastery b. Cutting Cords c. Dealing with the Narcissist d. Setting Boundaries e. Aura cleansing f. Protecting g. Grounding h. Pink Ray
Healer 102 Dimensional Healer is a 6 week course designed to take you journeying deep in your mind. You will harness and expand your abilities to astral / dimensionally travel and heal safely, while bringing yourself to a whole new level of Shamanistic discovery. Dimensional Healing opens doorways, and in this class you literally open doorways to cross over and travel into other dimensions to heal. In this class you will fly with your guides to the Akashic Records, visit the multi-colored Pegasus while viewing Castle Row. (Pre-requisite Healer 101) Week 1 - The Plastic Shaman Labels The Shaman Shaman Tools Decline of the Shaman / (Plastic Shaman) North American Shamanism Druids Medicine Man Metaphysical Healer Psychic Healer Holistic Healer Dimensional Healer Astral Projection Week 1/2 - Will the Real Shaman Please Stand up! Am I a Shaman The Four Brain States What are Binaural Beats Sha-man or Sha-woman? So how can a Shaman Help you? Shaman's Halo Will the Real Shaman Please Stand up! Here we go Quantum Physics AGAIN Week 2 - Visualization and the Akash Visualization Astral Projection Defined Astral Projection basics Preparing for Astral Projection Moving the soul from the body Exploring the Astral Plane Astral exercising (Astral Meditation) What are the Akashic Records How are the Akashic Records accessed Famous Akashic Record Reader Readings from the Akashic Records Akashic Protocol Akashic Meditation (To the Akashic Records & back) Week 3 / 4 - Dimensional Doorways & Sacred Space Tools Week3 Dimensional Doorway / pathway to the Akash Dimensional Doorway / pathway Regression to the Inner Child Dimensional Doorway / pathway to Brain Jump Healing Dimensional Doorway / pathway to Soul Retrievals Week 4 Dimensional Doorway / pathway to Totems and Mystical creatures Dimensional Doorway / pathway to sequestering Healers in Spirit Dimensional Doorway / pathway to Sacred Space, Angels, and Guides Sacred Space Chakra Scanner Clearing Chakra Blockages with the Chakra Scanner Clearing Negative Attachments with the Chakra Scanner Clearing Heavy Metals with the Chakra Scanner Clearing your own chakras
Perspectives of Psychic Healing is a course written for a "Self Discovery" of your potential capability to perform Psychic Healing. It will provide you a means to expand your existing knowledge of Psychic Healing, to include different methods of healing, and it may even point you to a specific modality for you to becoming a Healer. Good luck on your journey; it is God's will that you succeed! Course Outline 1. What is Love and why is this important 2. Who should be a Healer and why 3. Characteristics and Code of being a Healer 4. Legalities of being a Healer 5. Permission to Heal 6. Healing History & Ancient practices of Healing 7. How does a Healer heal / Healing modalities 8. Understanding body mechanics and anatomy 9. Meditation and Visualization 10. Chakras 11. Energy - what is it & how do you feel it 12. Who is Source? 13. Lightness vs. Darkness 14. Laws of the Universe (attraction) 15. Positive Affirmation and Intent 16. Protection 17. Attunements 18. Spiritual Healing practice and concentration 19. My Spiritual Healing Team 20. Healing through the Hands 21. Self Healing 22. Healing the Human 23. Healing the Animal 24. Spiritual Healing "Dry Run" acclimation event 25. Distant Energy Healing 26. Concentrated Healing to List 27. Advanced Healing concepts - Astral Travel 28. What's next?
You've seen the question before - How would your closest friends describe you? How do you honestly answer that question? Get in touch with that inner part of you that helps define who you are! Learn how basic rhythms and patterns can help to energize and heal the third chakra on our quest: the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about you and your own personal power. The Chinese call this personal power your Chi. Working with this chakra will help you balance your esteem, ego and Chi in order to be the "you" you're supposed to be.
U'i Hammons
Recorded: Sep 05, 2015 at 01:00 pm EST
Sometimes it's a good idea to go back to basics! Join me in this fun filled 5 week course where I will share my love and knowledge of Crystals. We will learn basic knowledge and processes for collecting these gems of Mother Earth. Topics covered in this class are. -History of Crystals -Shopping for your Crystals -Cleansing, Charging, and Bonding -Types, Shapes, and Formations -How to spot a FAKE! -Starter sets and stone combinations -Birthstones -Crystals and our Chakras -Crystals for everyday use -Crystals for your home or office -Gem Elixers and MUCH MORE!!!!
a free night of readings performed by trained and certified psychic mediums.