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During this free class you will meet your Guardian Angel and learn how to communicate with them through the use of guided meditation. I will talk you through the process of stilling your mind, opening a space to invite your Guardian Angel to connect with you and begin to visualise your Angel, feel their presence and open up to whatever messages they have for you. If you feel drawn to connect with your Guardian Angel, join me for this free class and learn how.
Every month Ahtayaa Leigh leads a free group healing activation to anchor Golden Light into the Crystalline Grid. The aim of these healing sessions is to uplift all those who attend with peace, balance, harmony, beauty, creativity, compassion, love, forgiveness, strength and courage so that we may each channel these qualities into the world through our energy fields and through our lives. These Golden Ray activations are supported by the guardians of the Great Central Sun, introduced to Ahtayaa as the 12 Keepers of the Eye.
Katherine Bright
Recorded: Apr 11, 2016 at 07:30 pm EST
In this busy world we are often in a state of stress and isolation. We can feel trapped and alone, and sometimes we are cut off from social networks by the nature of our jobs and family situations. It is at these times that we need to know how we might cope with difficult feelings and find a constructive way to help ourselves to release the stress and feelings of loneliness. In this session I will discuss the ways in which you might cope with stress and help you to understand possible self-esteem difficulties caused by isolation. The session will involve a breathing meditation to release stress.
"I knew that, but did not take action." How many times have you said and felt you knew something before it actually happened? How many times have you made a decision before you had the "facts"? Have you heard advice, which is not in the realms of reason? These are examples of your intuition in action. Join us for an interactive and sharing class to: - learn the four components of intuition - know how to make intuitive decisions - know the difference between your creative right brain and your analytical left brain Suzie will help build awareness and alertness to how your intuition can drive you to better decision making for a life of ease and flow.