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Myndee Joan Garrett
Recorded: Nov 16, 2015 at 10:00 pm EST
A class for self empowerment, revealing your authentic self and living in your truth. The topics for this class are living authentic, using meditation to help discover your purpose and passion and revealing who you truly are so you can easily stand in your truth with a little bit of Mysticism and spirituality as well.
Archangel Michael was the first angel to appear to me at a time when I was in immense danger. He came to protect me from harm when I was moving away from an abusive relationship - and he's never left my side since. He then continued to work with me to help me heal from the wounds of the past and showed me how I can heal myself and others. He is a powerful and mighty angel who can assist many people at once, whether it is for protection, healing, or anything else you might need help with. In this class, I will teach you how to connect with him, work with him and use the techniques he taught me to heal. In addition, I will be sharing a powerful meditation with you to help you open to receiving his help in your life.
Suzie Daggett
Recorded: Oct 28, 2015 at 06:30 pm EST
When you allow your thoughts to move from your Ego to your Soul you begin to understand how your life can be enriched and your spirit rewarded. Your ego mind has certain WANTS and your soul has specific NEEDS for your growth. We are here to learn soul lessons through our ups and down, happy contented moments as well as the rough challenges in this life. The souls "job" is to offer you opportunities to grow, learn and appreciate the overflowing energy of love from the great mystery of life. Living from a souls point of view may be what matters most in our lives, yet this thought is mostly ignored while the mind and ego play large in our reality.
Meditation teaches us how to breathe again, releasing blockages that put stress on our physical and mental bodies. It is a way of bringing balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This session helps to let go of judgement and fears that are created by the mind, which prevent us from reaching our true potential. The unique meditation helps to release stress and anxiety and takes you on a journey of self-empowerment. This simple process is designed to be easy to follow and enjoyable. Benefits: * Ideal way to re-balance your body and calm the mind * Learn breathing techniques to assist with stress management * Release anxiety * Obtain clarity with ease * Stop the mind chatter * Relaxation * Taking back control of your thoughts * Connecting with soul purpose * End Insomnia A perfect chill out!
Every week is Abundance Friday. In 60-90 mn we will explore with experts from around the world the concept of Abundance, how we can invite more abundance in our lives and more. The first step towards living abundance is understand it to its fullest extent and our Experts that you can find in our Abundance Thru Words program will help you to do just that.
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Dr. Pam Denton
Spirituality > Other
Recorded: Oct 09, 2015 at 12:30 pm EST
Please note this class is a reschedule from Oct 2 due to sound issues :) Love is one of the highest vibrations and when you can open your heart to receive more love you can manifest more abundance. People who are attuned to love are open to receive great things. In this meditation Dr. Pam will lead you through her soul healing meditation called the Divine Spark. You will be guided with breath work and meditative connection to release energetic blocks and open your heart to the light of your spiritual connection. Be in a quiet space and have a Journal handy....Insights may flow through!
~ FREE ONLINE EVENT ~ How Spirit Speaks ~ Are you seeing the signs? Have you ever wondered how to recognize your own messages from Spirit? Join me for this enlightening event and learn more about how to connect and become more aware of the ways in which this communication is happening with all of us. A guided meditation for connecting will be included with discussion.
Discover YOUR Psychic Power Join Psychic Mediums Katherine Glass and Laura Emerald for this 90 minute workshop exclusively to help empower YOU to explore and understand psychic development techniques including: - Harnessing your Psychic Abilities to benefit yourself and others - Standing in your Power & Shielding from negative energy - Intuition ~ What is it and how can it work for you - Experience your gifts, sending negative energy to the light, and ways to stand confidently in your power working with two great instructors! Bring a friend so can practice exercises together (or have someone you can call during the class to practice with!)
Dr. Heidi Hanna
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Sep 28, 2015 at 12:20 pm EST
Start your week by reflecting on who you want to be before what you need to do. By practicing simple, guided meditation you will recharge your energy, improve your focus and unleash your creativity. Each week we will set an intention that is designed to help boost your brainpower for the week ahead. Classes are $5 or included for free in the Synergy Solution training program or Synergy Brain Coaching.
Alexis McFate
Recorded: Sep 20, 2015 at 08:00 pm EST
The intention for this group is to come together as a community, for the purpose of healing and developing greater self-awareness in a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration. During our gathering I will lead you through a guided Reiki meditation. You will also be receiving Reiki throughout the meditation and the remainder of our time together. Long distance Reiki is able to be received by anyone, anywhere. Pure consciousness is the essence of all living things and is not confined by time or distance. Joining the call or listening on your own time will bring you the benefits of Reiki. May this gathering bring you relief, inner-peace and loving connection.
Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan
Recorded: Sep 17, 2015 at 04:00 pm EST
Learn the fundamentals of Mindfulness Mediation or simply reconnect with your practice in the company of others. Fully certified Meditation Instructor registered with the International Association of Meditation Instructors. Sitting meditation in comfort of your own home.
"How Does Your Intuition Speak to You?" Intuition comes in many different forms, on different topics, and even at different times of the day. One of the first steps in developing your inner knowing and using intuition as a tool in your life is understanding what it is and how it speaks to you. Join Intuition Expert and Author Diane Brandon in this interactive class that should allow you to understand better the various facets of intuition and how your intuition speaks to you.
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