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This course will acclimate you to the use of Spiritual tools which will ultimately raise your vibrations allowing a clearer connection to Spirit / the Divine. You will learn how to: 1. Set Boundaries 2. Ground 3. Protect 4. Cleanse your Aura 5. Perform the Pink Ray 6. Cut Cords with Archangel Michael 5. Deal with the Narcissist 6. Master your Ego
Master of Life (manifesting your future reality) Begins Sunday October 23rd 2016 This is a 5 week course at 1PM Eastern... Achieve the God Consious Level through Mastering Consious Detachment, while learning the "tools" to Manifest a new reality!!! Course Cost is $100 USD Course Content Week (1) 1. Introduction (3) 2. Conscious Detachment (7) 3. Existentialism (3) 4. Time to Smile (5) 5. What is the Truth (3) 6. Controlling thoughts to the Positive (5) Week (2) 7. Six Spiritual Laws relative to Mastering Life (7) 8. Vision (7) 9. Affirmation essentials (5) 10. Belief (3) 11. Orb of true clarity Meditation (6) 12. Are you CRAZY, I AM (3) Week (3) 13. Ex Ni Hilo (3) 14. LOVE Vibration vs the Fear Vibration (8) 15. Lessons (6) 16. Connecting the Silent Space (14) Week (4) 17. Mer Ka Ba (5) 18. Vibrational alignment meditation (3) 19. You are energy (7) 20. String Theory and Blind Manifestations 21. Manifestation Process (8) Week (5) 22.Manifestation experiences 23.Ebb and Flow mastery (6) 24. Spiritual Tools (23) a. Ego Mastery b. Cutting Cords c. Dealing with the Narcissist d. Setting Boundaries e. Aura cleansing f. Protecting g. Grounding h. Pink Ray
Perspectives of Psychic Healing is a course written for a "Self Discovery" of your potential capability to perform Psychic Healing. It will provide you a means to expand your existing knowledge of Psychic Healing, to include different methods of healing, and it may even point you to a specific modality for you to becoming a Healer. Good luck on your journey; it is God's will that you succeed! Course Outline 1. What is Love and why is this important 2. Who should be a Healer and why 3. Characteristics and Code of being a Healer 4. Legalities of being a Healer 5. Permission to Heal 6. Healing History & Ancient practices of Healing 7. How does a Healer heal / Healing modalities 8. Understanding body mechanics and anatomy 9. Meditation and Visualization 10. Chakras 11. Energy - what is it & how do you feel it 12. Who is Source? 13. Lightness vs. Darkness 14. Laws of the Universe (attraction) 15. Positive Affirmation and Intent 16. Protection 17. Attunements 18. Spiritual Healing practice and concentration 19. My Spiritual Healing Team 20. Healing through the Hands 21. Self Healing 22. Healing the Human 23. Healing the Animal 24. Spiritual Healing "Dry Run" acclimation event 25. Distant Energy Healing 26. Concentrated Healing to List 27. Advanced Healing concepts - Astral Travel 28. What's next?
Face reading is an ancient philosophy that goes as far back as 600 BC in China. Today, it has been modernized and updated for today's world. Explore some of the features of the face and you can amaze your friends.
Energy - what is it & how do you feel it Energy is defined as the capacity or power to do work, such as the capacity to move an object (of a given mass) by the application of force. Typically when one thinks of energy they think of Electricity however, energy exists in many forms: electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear, and can be transformed from one form to another. It is measured by the amount of work done, usually in joules or watts. Basically we take the Prana Life Force in through the Chakras, then we effectively project what we desire "from the heart" while feeling the emotion of love, which creates an energy waveform (torus) that locks the possibility (healing or manifestation) into place to manifests change of our conscious future reality. Chakras are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of the Life Force Energy referred to as "Prana". In this workshop you will learn about energy and our chakra system, how to energize them, activate them and clear them.