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Students will learn how to develop good interpersonal communication, empathic experiential intimacy, and true love. They will also learn how to overcome the ego's conscious and subconscious resistance against good relationships and true love. Students will also learn how to recognize their true soul-mate (twin flame) and soul family, and how to apply principles of spiritually awakened and psychologically healthy relationships to the further development of their individual creative potentials and the compassionate beneficial transformation of society.
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Why is it when you really want something, you seem to do everything except what you need to do to get what you want? You want to lose weight but you find yourself eating a cupcake or with your hand in a bag of chips. You want to save money and then find yourself handing over your credit card for an expensive designer item you don't need. You want to build your business but instead of following up with your customers and prospects you are watching TV or playing a video game. The path to any goal is full of detours, many of which waste time and energy. In this class, learn a strategy to reveal the hidden motives that keep you from achieving your desires in your business and your personal life. Once your hidden motives are revealed, you can easily make conscious choices that keep you on the path, avoiding most of the unnecessary detours along the way.
Danielle Gibbons
Recorded: Oct 27, 2015 at 02:30 pm EDT
If you could use a little magic in your life, then join Mother Mary for this special event. She will show you how to tune into the magic that is in your life right now and direct its flow for greater ease and less struggle. We hope to see you there!
In this training session we will view the virtual classroom and learn how to use it and its tools effectively as an instructor.