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What defines spirituality? Spirituality is not a definition it is an experience. At the core of the experience of walking a spiritual path, we come to know the essence of awakening, inspiration, purpose, creativity and love. When we choose the spiritual path, we choose to live a life seeing through the lens of spirit rather than the limited view within human conditioning, giving ourselves the opportunity to express our divine potential.
Are you Stressed? Learn energy tools to stay connected with Spirit, & your Core of pure Peace, Love, Wisdom & Joy... no matter what life throws at you! In this recording I am referring at times, to the chat section comments, which were part of the Live session, but on the recorded session this is not visible. Will you help me get out the word? I am so grateful if you will share your experience, and leave a Review to tell others why they will LOVE this work! Here's info on how to do that: https://learnitlive.zendesk.com/entries/95961857-How-do-students-recommend-or-leave-feedback-for-an-instructor- Thank-you.
Helene Martz
Recorded: Oct 27, 2015 at 08:30 pm EST
After spending a number of years working in New Age/Metaphysical shops, I've had experience helping people connect with Crystals. In this short Introduction we'll cover Crystal basics. Topics include: How to choose Crystals Cleansing / Clearing Setting Intentions Crystals Everyone should have & their properties
If you have a business, be it a corporation or a home-based business or anything in between, bringing in your own spirituality can enhance the business in ways you probably haven't thought about. In this class you will learn how to bring your own spirituality into business while remaining professional and focused on running a business that is attractive to your clients, profitable and successful in every aspect you desire.