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We will take a look at how to keep your connection alive by staying present and you'll walk away from the session knowing: - The 6 important relationships needs. - How to build a connection- with your partner instead of a case against them. - How to speak- to connect instead of to regret. Join Relationship Coach Dr. Ann West and gain the tools you need to help you stay in your heart when triggered by another's actions. It's only a matter of time until you'll be able to stay aware of your feelings and express them without being demanding to your beloved.
Lin Bell
Recorded: Apr 10, 2016 at 08:30 pm EDT
So what is love really? Most of us associate love with being in love with another romantically, or the nurturing protective love of a parent to a child. Then there are also our pets and the oohs and aahs we feel when we see a baby animal. Of course, there is spiritual love, where we connect to a higher source energy. But what about ourselves, what about how to really love oneself? That is the question Lin discusses in this upcoming symposium.
Tammy is an Intuitive Life Coach and Healer. She has the ability to communicates with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Tammy will be teaching in this session how it is possible to communicate with them and what is the difference between the two?
To have a successful relationship you have to know what it takes to create one. In this class you will learn 5 keys that you need to experience the amazing relationship you desire. Gain clarity and a better understanding of what you and your partner needs. Relationships take work, but with the right approach they are completely worth it.
3 keys to finding and maintaining true love
Dr. Gabi Lovve's class will teach men and women what her latest empirical research studies and thousands of clients have taught her are not working in the areas of love and relationship success. Dr. Lovve will review optimal LovveTactics, Tools, and Strategies for men and women to change and integrate into their LovveGames for ultimate desired results and success rates in their love lives.
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You'll Learn: - Why thinking men and women are the same is a set up for misunderstandings in all of your relationships. - How learning to navigate the differences between the masculine and feminine is the key to turning everything around, enhancing your energy, and creating the loving relationship you desire. - Why you must learn how to express what you truly need to your partner so that you can make great deals and create harmony in your lives.
Are you interested in how you can use dreams as a navigational tool for your life? In this class, I will introduce conscious dreaming, the practice of being awake through states of consciousness including waking life and sleep. You will learn a technique that you can use immediately to gain more understanding into your dream experiences and a method of sharing your dreams with other dreamers. Through the portal of shamanic drumming, you will empower a dream you hold for 2016.
In this class Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician specializing in energy and spiritual medicine, will uncover what many spiritual teachers are afraid to speak about - lower vibrational energies - that can and have been infecting humanity through millennia. These energies are at the root of many horrific atrocities perpetrated by humans as well as the cause of physical and mental illnesses in many people. Entities are not to be feared but understood. When we "get rid" of them we literally Love them into Light. And in healing them, we heal our Shadows as well. In this class you'll learn: Learn the primary risk factors for ghost and other spirit attachments Learn the symptoms of dark entity influences Witness how assessments are done through muscle testing Learn about two safe methods of clearing entities if you're not a light worker Learn how to minimize your risk for entity influence Get a jug of water ready because we'll be creating a clearing spray for you!
Are you told you are too sensitive, too emotional? Do you have unexplained moods? In this class you are able to gain an understanding of why this happens and what you can do about it. You will also learn two powerful tools to heal hurts from the past as well as participate in a powerful healing meditation. Time for questions is also a part of this session.