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About This Class
Satisfies pre-requisites for future Mindfulness Meditation courses from this teacher.
Are you interested in learning about meditation? Get your questions answered by a 30 year practitioner of the art of meditation and try out different types of meditation weekly online from where ever you are.

Some of the benefits of meditation are:
Improves the immune system
Lowers blood pressure
Decreases stress and tension related pain
Lowers levels of blood lactate - reducing anxiety
Mind-Body-Spirit connection
Reduce negative emotions
Increase self-awareness
Gain new perspectives
Expand your intuition
Mental focus and concentration
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Atlanta, USA
I was an Registered Nurse for many years working in a large medical center here in the United States, but it was my time spent as a nurse in an Ashram in India that opened my eyes to other healing possibilities. In India we had a clinic that offered allopathic medicine along with alternative options. It was there that I experienced my first miraculous healing when I was treated with energy medicine. After I received this healing, my attention was on the possibilities of healing naturally. After studying several modalities I became a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner. The results with Quantum Touch are amazing. I left nursing in 2011 and moved to Sedona Arizona where I starting giving Vortex Tours of the area. Not only was healing a large part of what I did but also meditation. While out on the land teaching meditation became a large part of the Vortex experience. Meditation is such an important part of all our lives and it became clear to me to start teaching classes. With my experience of living in an Ashram and all the transformations that took place with meditation, teaching became a perfect fit.
Sedona, AZ, USA