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Thu Sep 17 at 04:00 pm EDT
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About This Class
In this session Christia will channel Light Beings from the Divine Mother Collective. This includes Quan Yin, Lady Venus Rose (an aspect of Christia�s Higher Soul Multi-Dimensional Selves), Ancient Grandmother Dragon, and others. You will also experience etheric healing, sound activations, and Light codes to help you assimilate the current influx of Higher Frequencies pouring onto the planet. The healing Light that comes through will process through your physical body for 3 days. Lots of water afterwards to allow your physical body to let go of what you no longer need with ease and grace and to shift as needed. ...See All
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I am a avid gardener, artist , medium and empath ,I love to learn about spiriutality, angels, healing modalities . Meditation , Reiki , crystals.