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About This Class
We will take a look at how to keep your connection alive by staying present and you'll walk away from the session knowing:

- The 6 important relationships needs.
- How to build a connection- with your partner instead of a case against them.
- How to speak- to connect instead of to regret.

Join Relationship Coach Dr. Ann West and gain the tools you need to help you stay in your heart when triggered by another's actions. It's only a matter of time until you'll be able to stay aware of your feelings ...See All
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Leonie de Picciotto is a Relationship Transition Coach who helps newly single people, people in unhappy relationships and those who want more form their romantic partnerships to break free from fear, boost their confidence, and learn to live vibrant, happy lives. Her 25 year marriage came to an end, and she didn't know how she could move forward. She found herself on a journey of self-discovery during which she revitalized all her relationships, learned to communicate effectively with her kids, gained confidence in decision-making, and found incredible love in a romantic partnership. Now she teaches her clients how to achieve these same kinds of things in their lives. Leonie trained at the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute and is certified by the International Coach Federation. She is a Head Coach for Landmark Education's Self Expression and Leadership Program in addition to coaching her own clients. Prior to coaching, she was Sr. VP of Marketing for the Samuel Goldwyn Company. She is the mother of two independent, daring, young-adult children, and she lives in Venice, California.
Lori Peters is a writer who has been published and featured in several media outlets including Huffington Post, Your Tango, Brides, Fox News Magazine and more. Lori's first book, Getting Married At Last- My Journey from Hopelessness to Happiness release date is August 8 and is available on Amazon paperback and Kindle. She also provides numerous professional and fun presentations around happiness and well-being for various types of audiences. Her Happiness Hangout Radio Show on bbsradio has gained thousands of listeners as she and her guests dive into deep and interesting topics around personal relationship happiness. Lori Peters is proud of her 25 year career in higher education. Currently, she teaches as a College Instructor in social sciences and has been doing personal development presentations for over 25 years. Currently, she facilitates Live Happy-Live Better, a customizable program for various audiences who want to enhance their happiness in personal or professional relationships or increase wellbeing in their life. She also volunteers on a national level and had the opportunity to be part of a team that runs a major non-profit with over 100,000 members. She is passionate about work-life balance, relationships, and helping people to feel their best during times of challenge. Lori earned her Bachelors in Business and Masters in Counseling and Higher Education. Check out all her resources and information and sign up for her FREE Happiness Hangout newsletter at
Brunswick, USA
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