Shakti Durga is a living Guru whose teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health with the aim of creating life transformation. As a Guru, Shakti Durga is a mystical spiritual teacher who teaches liberation and enlightenment from her own direct experience.

She is a gifted and engaging teacher with a humble, authentic, candid and often hilarious style. She sparks curiosity, ignites the spirit and inspires you to believe that life transformation is not only possible, but that you have the tools to make it happen.

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I’m a writer, Mother Mary channel, mom, hiker, optimist, lover of nature, and all things spiritual. My inner awakening came through trial by fire. Making the deep dive within began out of desperation but quickly became essential to my life. Not long after, in 1994, Mother came to me in a meditation and offered me the opportunity to channel Her. My whole Being said YES! I started small by channeling for friends. But as word spread I quickly expanded to offering Mother’s presence to individuals, and larger groups. After my son was born in 2008 I started taking my business online, so I could stay at home and share Mother’s love with people all over the world. In 2015 Mother led me to publish our first book together, Mother Mary's Pathway to Love. It was time to expand Her message even more. We now have a vibrant community of amazing individuals from all over the world that I'm honored and grateful to serve as I continue to grow in love and light. Your growth, blossoming, inner tsunami, awakening are like manna to my soul. I’m devoted to being the best channel I can be, and that means being consistent with my own inner transformation. I'm honored by your trust. It's my joy to serve. Mother Mary has served humanity as an aspect of Divine Mother for the last two thousand years. Her teachings are based on absolute love and devotion. She brings to each teaching the unconditional love and acceptance we all seek as human beings. Mother teaches that we are divine because we're human, not in spite of it. These classes with Mother are an opportunity to receive Her compassionate presence while opening to a new perspective on life. Her healing presence facilitates conscious awakening within your whole being. Join us as we open our hearts and minds to become free. We're so glad you're here. Love, Danielle
Lane Cove, AUS
Leslie Anne Wood, M.A., H.H.C.P. is an Intuitive Counselor who uses her real life experiences, a formal education in Holistic Wellness techniques, and a lifelong ability as a Clairsentient to help you manage grief, loss, depression or physical pain. During her ten years of private practice, Leslie continues to observe the often dramatic curative effects that Holistic Wellness techniques offer her clients. Although Leslie has received formal training in modalities that range from Western Herbalism, Energy Medicine and Foot Reflexology to Aromatherapy, The Bach Flower Essences and Crystal Healing, she is quick to combine treatment techniques to help her clients heal in Mind, Body and Spirit. In many cases she recommends the use of these modalities to increase the efficacy of traditional Western Medicine. Leslie is an award winning Inspirational Speaker and the author of the book: Bullied But Not Beaten - Years of Torment and Threats of Murder Reveal Ways to Combat Bullying Leslie shares lessons learned as she guided her teenaged daughter through six years of bullying that resulted in fear, theft and actual threats of murder. Her book is available at Amazon.com and for Kindle and Nook.
May Clarke is an International Author, Speaker, Kinesiologist, Teacher, Personal Development Consultant and Director of Amazing Life. An amazing and intuitive teacher and healer, May will leave you empowered and equipped with many easy practical tools that will inspire you to embrace life. With many years of experience helping people find their true path, May will share with you her wisdom that will help you to overcome the challenges you are facing in life. When you connect with May in one of her many talks you will benefit from her wisdom long after the end of the workshop. Her messages are profound, inspiring and life changing.
I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher with 15+ years of experience and numerous years of ongoing training with well-known North American shamans including Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Hank Wesselman, Nan Moss and David Corbin as well as indigenous teachers from Central and South America as well as those from the Sami traditions. My passion as a teacher is helping others to find their true spiritual identity and empowering them to a path of direct revelation where they are in the driver's seat and communicating directly with spirit. A former student recently said about me in an unsolicited testimonial: "Thank you Dory Cote for helping me, and all of those that you come in contact with to become a clearer reflection of their authentic, radiant, selves. Dory you have taught me so much about being the hollow bone, and the best part is that what I have learned came from watching you be you, with complete detachment from the ego and gratitude gifted to spirit" I publish a weekly podcast on shamanism which is syndicated and will soon appear on iTunes. All podcasts are free, downloadable and accessible through my website, listed above. I teach advanced programs in shamanism such as a One-Year Shamanic Apprenticeship as well as a Two-Year Advanced Shamanic Initiations Program. In the Fall/Winter of 2016 I will teach a 5-day Soul Retrieval Training in a residential setting in Maine, and in the Fall of 2017 I will teach this same program in Sedona, AZ. My approach to teaching is very grounded and comprehensive and I encourage questions and interaction with students. Prior to my shamanic training I was a successful business woman serving as VP of Operations for a large manufacturer in Maine. This prior background in multi-tasking and managing 100's of people informs my ability to focus and truly ground the experience of shamanism in the here and now. My healing practice is focused on helping others find their true essence and restoring wholeness of spirit as well as clearing obstructions to joy, fulfillment, truth and harmony. I work with people from all walks of life from those who are in very left brained thinking professions such as lawyers and accountants, to those who are very right brained people who are in the healing professions themselves. All my work is guided by my own helping spirits; I am the hollow bone as we say in shamanism. I also love working with children and animals. For further information about shamanism, my background, and testimonials about my teaching skills, please go to my website listed above.
Jakarta, IDN
Beth is an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive, bodyworker, Soul Realignment practitioner, artist, psychosynthesist, RN, HeartMath practitioner, 20+ years meditator, yogini, and nature lover. She assists others in their self care, providing support and means to recenter, recharge, find inner stillness, greater clarity, soul nourishment, and feel more assured, healthy, and connected to their unique soul essence and gifts. Her mission is to help bring to the world a greater sense of center, calm, clarity, inner peace, authenticity, heart, and wholeness. For over 20 years, Beth has assisted others through her creativity and sessions. Sessions are available by phone and email, or in person in Santa Fe, NM. Beth is the author of the PrayerCards oracle deck, creator of Art Rituals, Guided Journeys, and intuitive painting commissions for people all over the globe. https://www.bethbudesheim.com
New Mexico, USA
A woman with an interesting past, imagining her future daily with You. That is who I am - a living, breathing human-becoming who daily experiences life as a: - Mother - recent Grandmother - Master's degree holder in International Relations and a second pending in Theological Studies - Communications and Marketing professional and lecturer with over 20 years in the field - Workshop coordinator and presenter - trained Spiritual Counsellor/Chaplain with hospital and prison tenure - Writer, Blogger and Content Curator - Founder of The Daughters of Sheba Foundation - Call Center Supervisor & Customer Care Coordinator Five years ago, I brought together a group of big women, under the umbrella of a Facebook group - Daughters of Sheba. This branched into a Foundation, solely under my leadership and coordination. The aim is to give support to women and those who love them, wherever they are in the world, through practical, inexpensive and life-changing methods. A blog was the first step and it was hosted for a couple of years elsewhere but has now relocated here. What Can I Offer You? The Facebook group furthered my desire to use my training and experience in chaplaincy and spiritual counselling, combined with my natural love of story-telling and talking! These came together into coaching page on Facebook.While the group continues, my work and focus have turned to other media and approaches. Though the sharing of my life and my story, my hope is you will find a kindred spirit, one with whom you can relate. Without the hype, thebells, and the whistles, what you will get from me is practical, down-to-Earth support through my writing, newsletter, one-on-one coaching through virtual communications methods and telephone, as well as online courses. No megabuck fees, no religious or fixed spiritual affiliation, simply practical to life support that matches the everyday journey of women around the world who are managing careers, educational upgrading, finances, family, the twisting road of relationships, societal demands - the daily grind that we all face.
Edmonton, CAN
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