Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium and Founder of Inner Light Teaching, offers more than mediumship in her gatherings. She shares the power of understanding the relationship between the Spirit (relationship with God) and Self (personality). As a child, Lynch's sensitivity to thoughts and feelings confused and at times terrified her. Fast forward 30 years of curiosity, faith and healing it is now her passion and purpose - to help others understand intuition, healing, thoughts and the power of love. The death of both parents in a short period of time made her face the depths of loss and the process ...See All


2020 Certified Meduim under Mark Ireland & Helping Parents
2005: Delphi University - Patricia Hayes: Graduate Correspondence Course
2001: Doug Swenson Yoga Teacher Certification and Education
1998: College of Metaphysics, Tampa Fl.
1994 - 1999: Delphi University, Atlanta Georgia - Graduate of following courses: Metaphysical Teachings, Meditation, Past Life Regression and mediumship.

Ordained in the Church of Wisdom at Delphi
Certified in Metaphysical Teachings & Mediumship, Meditation and Intuitive Consulting
1993 - Began studying metaphysics, meditation, tarot and yoga. Inspired by Carlolyn Myss, Marianne Williamson, Wayne ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Practicing and teaching meditation, mindfulness for twenty-eight years. Speaking and teaching meditation programs in schools, for teachers, therapists and medical staff for fifteen years. Author of several meditation books, cds and digital. Educating on how Spirituality is the missing link in mental and emotional wellness and how we can individually and as a species heal and change the direction.

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As a motivated light worker on this planet, I seek to assist the raise of vibrations amongst humanity, and the onset of full consciousness. I have been inwardly focused for many years, which brought me to Central and South America as an aspect of my journey in 2012, and after exploring Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize, I lived in the jungle of Costa Rica for 2.5 years, focused on healing. Now that I'm back in the States, I am renewing focus on service, and have lots of information to share that has helped me in my pathway to a higher vibrational energy field, a more clear mind, a healthy and stable emotional balance, a heart that is fully open, and a soul that is both on fire and at peace. I am honored to share what I have found.
Denver, USA
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