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Moving forward in our lives involves removing the blocks that hold us back emotionally, spiritually, physically. By manifesting more of what we truly intend, we can then release limiting beliefs that undermine our connection to what is truly important in our lives.

Lynne Hartwell is a Transformational Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive, and Spiritual Guide. Her success lies within her ability to connect with clients and the public through identifying the actual cause of the emotional, physical or spiritual challenge. Her compassion, humor, and ability to communicate clearly allows others to feel immediately at ease and understand better ...See All


Lynne started her career in corporate America within middle management. From this she learned the skills of communication, organization, motivational coaching, networking, and identifying root cause and analysis (corrective & preventative action of unfavorable situations). She successfully integrated these skills as she transferred professions and became self employed as a Holistic Health professional, becoming the founder of L'Unique Realm. During her years in corporate America, she acquired an eclectic combination of holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical skills that she currently uses in unison within her practice. She has certifications in Medicinal Aromatherapy, ThetaHealing, TSR (Therapeutic System Realignment), and Vibrational Sound Therapy ...See All

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Lynne discovered early in her life that everything on the Earth and in the Universe vibrate with their own frequencies. Through these frequencies there exists a Connection that linked all things together. She studied the natural world and various spiritual cultures, including philosophies, music, and dance. She also began working with crystals & gemstones, learning their properties, vibrational interactions and how they affect us positively at the physical, emotional & spiritual level. She studied D'Jembe, shamanic drumming, and cultural dancing with master teachers, Medicine Wheel Circle ceremony, and energy patterns and meridians of the body, land, or homes. She has ...See All

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A conduit for Spirit with over 40 years of discipline and experience in a wide range of services. Your well being and success is my focus. The majority of my services are utilized in First Nations communities where I work from their medical centers along with other qualified professionals. Community is very important to me. Over the years, I have chaired the Co-ordinating Committee to End Family Violence for 3 terms, served on District Health Council for 3 years, participated in a focus group for Health Canada and Assembly of First Nations to provide solutions to end Native youth suicide. Mediation and Conciliation are also services available. My work is centered around acknowledging the Divinity within each person/organization and to support them in securing their Spirit Identity. In do so, each individual is able to make choices not from their woundedness but from their sacredness. Warmly
Hamilton, CAN
I am a avid gardener, artist , medium and empath ,I love to learn about spiriutality, angels, healing modalities . Meditation , Reiki , crystals.
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