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A native of San Francisco California USA, I was influenced early on by the creative environment around the Bay Area. This fertile beginning enabled me to grow into what I am now. A spiritual empath, a medium, a teacher.
The vital life force of humans, animals, and all that is in the universe is made up of distinctive frequencies, colors, sounds and relationships. My stepping stone to learn about this was Chinese Medicine. But it has gone so much beyond that and now I'd like to help others discover their own path to their own enlightenment.

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e-mail: [email protected]
Date of Birth: 7/5/59- San Francisco California, USA.
Citizenship: Dual - USA and Ireland.
European Shiatsu Institute, Heidelberg, Germany.
Tao Shiatsu Society, Kyoto Japan, Tel Aviv Israel, and Heidelberg
Certified Hospice worker; Kirchliche Sozialstation Hockenheim e. V.
(Ecumenical registered association for social engagement),
Shiatsu Practitioner; Gesellschaft fUr Shiatsu in Deutschland,
GSD.(German Shiatsu Society- 2005)
Certified Shiatsu Practitioner; AOBTA -CP,Registered Instructor 2007
Certified Instructor; Earth Energy Qi Gong for Women, Wu Tang Physical
Culture Association, New York, NY 2008
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Experience and Distinctions

Since I began my studies over 20 years ago I have had the chance to work with children from war torn areas of the Balkans, with soldiers returning from duty in conflict areas, with mom's students, kids and animals all of whom as conscious beings are part of the net that connects all of us in heartfelt compassionate oneness.

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Anna Miranda began her spiritual journey at the age of 16 after a profound spiritual awakening and near death experience. Since her experience she has dedicated her life to to the study of metaphysics. She is a teacher of metaphysics, a certified Hypnotic Intuition Specialist, a Master Shift Instructor, a motivational speaker, an interfaith minister, an End of Life doula, a psychic medium, medical intuitive, energy healer and intuitive coach for the past 15 years and specializes in karmic assessment and soul contract readings. She is trained in hypnosis, EFT(emotional freedom techniques), Usui reiki (master teacher), Karuna reiki, IET(integrated energy therapy-master teacher), past life recall, basic astrology and meditation techniques. She has a bachelors in Communications. Anna Miranda is also an Interfaith Minister. She attended the Sanctuary of peace and harmony seminary school for two years and became a minister of the interfaith. Interfaith is inclusive, rather than exclusive. It is a movement rather than a religion,or specific spiritual path. It promotes tolerance and human dignity equally. It makes a statement, it asks us to see the spirit and oneness in all beings, regardless of their choices or beliefs, religion, race, nationality, or sexual persuasion. That all paths lead to the same place essentially. It inspires to honor and embrace everyones right to believe in whatever is the path that they might choose. The origins of Interfaith and the concept of oneness, which is the basis of it, are a part of many religions. In all religions we discover the root of this universal concept, it is in all beliefs. The idea of oneness is not new, but woven into the fabric of consciousness "We are all on this journey together and even though I teach, I am a devoted student of the universe, sometimes I find myself teaching what I most need to learn. There is no greater joy than experiencing the joy of others as they evolve consciously or spiritually. When we take responsibility for what we have created in our lives, only then through our awareness do we gain the power to become the ultimate observer and co-creators in a realm of infinite possibilities. When we find true faith in the divine order of the universe we can be still, without fear, without doubt, comfortably at peace with all that is." -Anna Miranda
For more than two decades Amy Sherman has been working in the helping field, inspiring others to live their best life. She has a master's degree in counseling/psychology from Vermont College and has worked with adults, teens and couples struggling with personal and professional issues that have kept them from the happiness and joy they deserve. She is Founder of the Baby Boomers' Network and Co-Founder of Women Dating After 40 and Dating Rescue programs. The Baby Boomers' Network is a resource for boomers to transition through midlife using the healthiest, most effective coping skills. Amy's expertise as a Dating & Relationship Coach has helped singles move from insecurity to empowerment and uncertainty to commitment. Amy has worked with parents struggling with teens who are defiant and angry and has provided practical solutions through her parenting program, If Your Teen is Acting Out...
Douglas, MA, USA