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Tami Urbanek-medium/clairvoyant/Advanced Tai Yi practitioner/radio host

Communicating with the people in the nonphysical (spirit guides and deceased people) is an ability I have had since I was a child. Growing up I was encouraged to explore spirituality and I have wonderful parents who demonstrated what spirituality really means. After years of working in public and private education, I opened myself up to working with with the public in communicating with the deceased and spirit guides.

Spirit guides are with us all the time. They offer assistance when asked, however, the assistance is not always ...See All


After two Master's Degrees (Special Education and Public Administration, nonprofit) and years of working in public education, I transitioned to working with the public as a medium and Tai Yi Practitioner.
This is an evolving and exciting journey to be on and I have appreciated and enjoyed everyone with whom I've worked.

Experience and Distinctions

*As of most recently, my work and ability has expanded to communicating with Beings of a high level consciousness and awareness who can offer personal information and support in a session. I never guarantee their arrival into a session, but it occurs 95% of the time. They have a deeper awareness than guides that may be needed in some cases and are a valuable resource in healing.*

I have been enrolled in Life Energy Flow-Tai Yi School of Healing since April 2008. At the most recent testing in August 2015, I scored a ...See All

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