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Meg Beeler, M.A. is an internationally known author, shamanic healer, mentor, and Energy Alchemy expert.

Meg translates ancient wisdom into simple practices for connecting with the power of nature and the cosmos.

She is the founder of Earth Caretakers--dedicated to bringing to life our collective dream of a more beautiful world--and the author of Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy.

A passionate explorer of wholeness and consciousness, Meg has traveled extensively, from the high mountains of the Andes and Himalayas to the ...See All


Antioch College, M.A
U.C. Berkeley, B.A

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Gretchen Crilly McKay is a Sangoma (initiated traditional healer from the Zulu lineage) and shamanic practitioner. She has studied with master healers in the USA, including Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, and apprenticed with Traditional Doctor and Sangoma P.H. Mtshali in Swaziland, Africa. She graduated and qualified as Sangoma in 2001. Gretchen uses the African system of throwing the bones to diagnose the spiritual issues underlying dis-ease and family patterns; provides shamanic healing through spiritual extraction, soul retrieval, and healing with spiritual light; facilitates spiritual hygiene through the use of herbs and aromatherapy, ritual, and ceremony; and teaches workshops for personal and ancestral healing. She also offers advanced training for those called to the shamanic path. She has a passion for working with the spirits of nature and facilitates connecting others to the profound wisdom of Mother Earth to create balance and harmony within and without.
Laguna Beach, CA, USA