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Sherica A. Matthews is dedicated to helping women break through the barriers of fear, disappointment, and limiting beliefs so that they can experience the life and love they truly desire. As a professional life & relationship coach, she fulfills her passion of equipping and empowering women through her books, speaking, and training/coaching programs. Ms. Matthews helps her clients create the lives they truly desire by transforming their minds, spirits, and actions. Ms. Matthews currently resides in Houston, Texas, with her rescue dog, Tobie.

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The difference between coaching and consulting is that consulting gives immediate answers for an immediate problem. Consulting may solve an immediate issue, but it does not always prevent the issue from recurring. Consulting: - Offers solutions & Presents recommendations - Provides expert help in delivering and executing a solution - Requires a no commitment

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Coaching is a results-oriented, client focused service specifically designed to help clients achieve success in his or her life and relationships. As your coach, I help you: - Create a clear vision for your future - Identify what barriers have been holding you back - Create and implement a plan to break through those barriers - Guide you along the path towards your vision for the life and love you desire

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Do you want to break free from a break-up and a broken heart? Yes, someone broke your heart. Yes, it hurts. And, yes, now it’s time to find your way back into life. This is the time for healing, for assessing what happened, and for learning how not to let it happen again. It’s hard and challenging, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Sign-up for this class and learn the tools to implement to that will set you free from your broken heart, and that will get you back to enjoying life as you were meant to live it. Register Now to claim your happiness back!
Do you often find yourself confused about where you stand when you are dating someone? Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in this gray zone between dating and a relationship? Through my teaching and coaching experiences, I've discovered that there seems to be a confusion about the differences between dating, relationships, and situationships. And it is this confusion that leads many women to experiencing heartbreak and disappointment with the men that they spend most of their time with. In particular, women often confuse a situationship for a relationship. In this class, participants will learn: - The differences between Dating, Relationships, and Situationships - The signs that you may be in a Situationship, and not a relationship - 5 Tips to keep you from falling into the traps of situationships
Do you feel stuck and stagnated with dating because of wounds from your past relationships? Let's face it, as long as we live, we will experience hurts and disappointments in life and love. But you don't have to stay in that place. In this workshop, you will learn 3 techniques to break free from the hurts and disappointments of the past so that you can have the life and love you truly desire!
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