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Come celebrate the darkest day of the year with a Winter Solstice ceremony to invite the Dream Guides, Dragons and Spiritual Beings of Light into your life. This FREE gathering is here to help you connect with your unseen family of spirit guides as the veils between the worlds opens for new magic. Just bring yourself, an open heart and celebrate a new partnership with Spirit this Winter Solstice as we dream the new world of 2020 and the return of magic on Mother Earth. This event will be recorded so that you can connect anywhere and anytime!
Those that lived before you have a huge influence on your genes, health and family patterns. Your ancestors may be gone but their wisdom still lives inside you. Learn how ancestral healing helps to heal family patterns of lack, anxiety, health issues and self sabotage. Discover your ancestral guides and bring forward the insight you need now. It's time to heal the past so that your children's children can create the new world you are dreaming now.
Spiritual Essences are vibrational energies of gemstones, plants, animals and spirit guides placed within a liquid carrier to bring healing and connection to this beautiful spirit. Spirit essences can be added to aromatherapy products, drinking water or sprayed around your space to clear negative energies, bring clarity to your mind and help you celebrate your connection to your spirit guides. In this class learn how to create a vibrational essence of your spirit guides and how to apply this energetic healing into your life. Bring your creativity, curiosity and courage to try something new or even learn a new twist on this simple process. This class will be FREE so ask your questions during the live show or watch the recording afterwards to create your own new spiritual essence.
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Dr. Laurie Moore's Background as a Therapist and Graduate School Teacher, And Seminar Leader Laurie is a licensed therapist, certified hypnotherapist, and animal communicator. She is often found laughing joyously, magically transforming burdens into solutions and lightness. For two decades she's assisted people and animals to transform. She gets right to the essence of the problem so a positive and effective resolution can follow. She taught in Europe, all over USA, and frequently on Hawaii islands. Dr. Laurie was a graduate /undergraduate expressive arts psychology teacher at San Francisco State University, Johnson State College, and Chico State University. Dr. Laurie Moore's Gifts Individuals, Couples, and Business Owners: Are you success oriented but finding something hidden is in the way? Are you choosing love but finding unexplainable conflict?Dr. Laurie Moore will help you to understand your soul-self in a new way. This leads you to succeed, receive good, give your best, and be profoundly fulfilled. Animal Lovers: Would you like to know what your animal friends are thinking, feeling and communicating? Learn from Dr. Laurie Moore who gets right to the heart and soul of the matter. Dr. Laurie Moore communicates multi-dimensionally with animals, elements, angels, and universal-masters. She understands the hearts and souls of animals. Dr. Laurie Moore's Books : http://www.amazon.com/Laurie-Moore/e/B00COOK1VI . Dr. Laurie Moore's Television, Radio, and Magazine Appearances Dr. Laurie has appeared teaching and speaking at BATGAP, NBC, CBS Radio, CNN.com, Fox News, Species Link, Esalen, Beyond Ordinaty with John Burgos, Jazz up Your Life with Judy, O'Reilly Factor, CBS Radio, Strut Your Mutt, Transmission Pulse, The Connection Magazine, Jenningswire, Fox News, Intuitive Soul, In the Company of Angels, Seeing Beyond, KRON News and many other venues. She stars in Akua Lono on www.streamingforthesoul.tv and is seen on public access stations across the USA.
Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine and Founder of the TOLPAKANâ„¢ Healing Method, an energy healing method that quickly discerns the foundational issues surrounding a health challenge and then directs high vibrational healing. As a mentor/trainer/healer, she helps Sensitive Souls feeling overwhelm, overstimulated and overtired to feeling calm, confident and connected. Her passion is helping them harness their superpowers, express their Soul's Mission, and create Joy in the process.
Raven Many Voices is a well known and gifted spiritual counselor, intuitive, medium and teacher. She has been providing spiritual guidance to people seeking wisdom for over 20 years. Her ability to access the many traditions and spiritual realms lead her to become a Voice for Spirit - incorporating healing modalities from around the world into an easy and assessable format for those exploring spiritual healing, spirit guides and soul communication. She is highly attuned to both the Ascended Masters/Angelic Realms as well as the Ancestors/Earth Spirits in the service of healing ourselves, our community and our planet. She applies these teachings through writing, energetic and gemstone healing, spiritual counseling, on-line classes and sacred ceremonies.