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Join Katalin Koda, ceremonialist and author, to learn the tools for creating ceremony every month. Ceremony is one of the most powerful tools to create harmony, balance, love and connection in your life. Creating ceremony is a sacred method to put your intention into form, whether this is to let go, bring love into your life, heal yourself and the earth. When we set our intention, design a symbolic action and then embody that action we clearly communicate to our soul that we are committed to the intention we are setting. This is very simple yet powerful because we bypass our conscious, linear mind and allow our heart to speak directly with the universe. Our first meeting falls on Halloween, known in ancient times as Samhain or the pagan New Year. This time of year is believed to be the time when the veils are the thinnest, providing a glimpse into the spirit world, a time to tune even more into our soul's longing. We can connect more than ever to our ancestors and spirit helpers, receive guidance and set intentions for the coming winter. This free class includes: ~ an introduction to ceremony ~the seven basic steps of ceremony ~short Samhain ceremony take home ~co-created live ceremony to connect to your soul and set an intention for the next year
Avital Miller
Recorded: Oct 29, 2015 at 09:30 pm EDT
Sometimes our attempts to heal ourselves only cause more pain in the process. If we have a greater understanding of where healing comes from, we can move through that process with more ease, grace, and success. Natural healing methods have sped up the healing process for many people. Let's crack the truth on how you can tap into more natural healing on your own. In this workshop we will: Expose what we are really trying to heal. Evaluate attitudes of mind that support healing. Clarify how love helps one transcend the effects of disease. Learn techniques taught by the great master of yoga, Paramhansa Yogananda, to assimilate the divine healing powers. "In mental or spiritual healing, one must have faith to 'burn the boat and walk on the sea.' Shouldn't you doubt the aid of limited material forces rather than the power of the Infinite Spirit?" ~Paramhansa Yogananda, How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality
According to Carl Jung, the Shadow Self is that part of you that you hide inside yourself, from yourself. The Shadow holds our unconscious habits and limiting beliefs, yet it also holds unlimited creativity, knowledge and power. When you embrace your shadow, you take your power back from people, places and experiences that control it, and you also activate new levels of power heretofore latent within your energetic body. Also, embracing your shadow can help in healing from deep emotional wounds, such as bullying, divorce and breakups, sexual abuse, crippling self-doubt, grief and depression. In this class, you will learn the anatomy of the shadow, how to activate it’s power with channeling, and you will be taken through a live shadow work healing meditation ceremony, where you will embrace what is waiting for you in the dark in a safe, non-judgemental and high vibrational space. All levels of skill and energywork and magickal styles welcome! Blessed be, and harm none; we are all One Tribe!
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Helene Martz is a Psychic/Medium, Reiki Master Teacher & Tarot Reader. Clairvoyant & Clairaudient, She has been featured on Local & Internet radio. A Devotee of Goddess Centered Spirituality, Her studies have included Natural Medicine, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing & Natural Perfumery. "My goal is to share knowledge on a variety of subjects from Aromatherapy, Meditation, Manifesting & the Craft. We All see Spirit in a way we can understand. There is no 1 path to Divine. May We respect that. Namaste' The Divine in Me honors the Divine in You"
Personal Energy Management Teacher and Coach Clemens-Nadja is helping individuals, groups and corporates to come to their full potential. He is an expert in Human Energy Dynamics and as a Senior EMF Balancing Technique Teacher he uses the knowledge of The Universal Calibration Lattice and his profound insights to help people on the Path Nadja, as his friends are calling him, was born in the Netherlands in 1964. After his studies, he started his own Import business with his brother. It took a couple of years before the Inner Question arose "How can you serve Humanity in a better way"? Six months later he sold his company to continue on the path of Self Development. This led him to Spiritual Masters in India, Tibet and America to learn about Buddhism, Taoism, Tantra and contemporary energy techniques. Over the last 25 years, he developed skills to help himself and his fellow Human Beings to advance on the Path.
Julie Holliday (The ME/CFS Self-Help Guru) is a writer and holistic life coach with a mission to help people with chronic illness take back control and live a relaxed, balanced more fulfilling life. She completely recovered from ME/CFS after five years and enjoyed 7 years of active, vibrant health. Although she's been stricken with the condition again, she now considers herself to be living a dream life, and wants to share all that she has learned to help others with chronic illness live one too!