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Learn the major 7 chakras, the emotions and the body systems they govern and how imbalances cause stress, extra weight, pain, and disease.
Katherine Bright
Recorded: Apr 11, 2016 at 07:30 pm EDT
In this busy world we are often in a state of stress and isolation. We can feel trapped and alone, and sometimes we are cut off from social networks by the nature of our jobs and family situations. It is at these times that we need to know how we might cope with difficult feelings and find a constructive way to help ourselves to release the stress and feelings of loneliness. In this session I will discuss the ways in which you might cope with stress and help you to understand possible self-esteem difficulties caused by isolation. The session will involve a breathing meditation to release stress.
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My name is Lis McPheeters and I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Self-Growth Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist, and Reiki Master. Holistic health and the healing arts are a great passion of mine and my life's purpose. I stumbled upon this work nearly 20 years ago after I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Holistic modalities saved my life and I now use the work that healed my mind and body to help others heal theirs. I recently returned to my hometown of Ft. Wayne, Indiana where I am committed to helping the members of my community, friends, and family use holistic work to heal their own minds and bodies. My practice, True You Holistics, is one of the greatest loves of my life and I am grateful and honored to do the work that I do and that I was blessed with an intuitive ability to heal another person's body. I devote much of my work to healing the physical body of stress, anxiety, pain, extra weight, and the physical disease by working in the Chakras or Energy Centers. The chakras cannot perform optimally when they are "clogged" with unprocessed emotion, pain, or stress. Clearing and balancing the chakras allows the body to flow energy appropriately and allows the body to lower the stress response that is causing them physical issues. I believe that this work is for everyone, not just those on a spiritual quest, and I make the work practical so everyone can understand how important our Energetic Body System is to our overall health and wellness. You can read more about my story and my work at www.trueyouholistics.com, find me on Facebook at True You Holistics or connect with me via email at [email protected]
Katherine Bright, ND, the founder of the modality Theta Resonance At All Levels, is an awesome channel direct to Creator. Katherine teaches healing techniques for beginners and advanced enlightenment seekers. Operating a busy clinic in Australia and consulting internationally via skype, she is a teacher, naturopath, medical intuitive, certified hypnotist, alternative therapist, spiritual healer, counsellor, life coach, Reiki master/Teacher and radio host. Don't forget a mother of four and a grandmother of five!. Her speciality is "Spiritual Connection" and holistic health. Her motto is "Where there is empowerment there is no fear" and she communicates directly with God and the beings of light as an accurate and skilled channeller and healer. See Katherine's full education program of downloadable online courses are her website with more being added on www.katherinebrightaustralia.com. Some of these include hypnosis tapes and meditations. Katherine is an author of mind/body/spirit books on well-being and spirituality Her two books are "Connection: Keep Your Light Burning Bright" and "Creator's View On Compassion: A Guide for Life" , published by Balboa Press are available online and in soft cover copy. In addition to this she is also a professional musician, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, compiling spiritual and toning instrumentals on her CDs as well as of popular music. Her CDs are available on itunes named: Katherine Bright Instrumental Meditations and The Joy of Music. Katherine Bright ND is a global internet radio host on www.newsforthesoul.com conducting her Connect To Creator program at 5pm PST Mondays, live one hour per week. Known as an international luminary, Katherine Bright brings her connection, meditations, channelling, infectious sense of humour and contagious joy to the program. You won't be able to help laugh and love after listening to this program!