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Daniela Mouser
Recorded: May 24, 2016 at 10:00 pm EST
Do you want to know what your aura colors are and how they relate to your energetic system, personality and life experiences? Join me for this fun and very experiential class. You will learn: -what is an aura -understanding energy better (vibration, frequency) -patterns, colors, layers and their meaning -sensing/seeing the aura different ways and interpreting it -practical application through exercises -training your intuitive muscles By the end I promise you too will have been able to see/sense an aura!
Halo Crawl Spirit Guide 411 was designed for the Student to learn about and connect with Spirit Guides and Light Bodies - (Ascended / Universal Masters). Brian will provide content about Spirit Guides, provide technique for you to connect with and communicate with your Spirit Guide team. During the class Brian will Guide you through meditation to Attune you to the energies and meet with your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. 90% of Brian's students have connected with at least one of their Spirit Guides and generally its many more during this class. Also something unique about Brian and his classes are as follows: Since the class is live streaming video of Brian Teaching, the propensity exists for you to actually "see" his spirit Guides behind him during class! Many students have seen Spirit show up on camera during Brian's live classes, however there are no guarantees. Thus have your screen capture ready to actually see and take pictures of spirit live in this class! Course content - 1.The journey to meet your Guides is to be taken Seriously 2.Halo Crawl what is it? 3.Fear vs. Spirit 4.Energies and your Vibrations 5.Vibrational Alignment meditation 6.The "Believe" System 7.Synchronicities and signs 8.Anxiety feel and movement of it 9.Your Life Path and exit points 10.This thing called Time 11.What or who are Spirit Guides 12. Higher Self Attunement meditation 13.Guides vs Angels 14. What can Spirit Guides do? 15. Communicating with Spirit Guides? 16. Halo Crawl Guide Communication 17.Know What Spirit Guides Can Help You With 18. Spirit Guide Attunement meditation 19.Spirit Guide Intuitive Writing 20. Intuitive Writing pre-work meditation with Prana 21.Ascended & Universal Masters 22.Ascended Master Attunement meditation 23.Intuitive Writing student review 24.Test Review
In this live guided meditation workshop, we will take you to a peaceful and loving rainbow with your spirit guide to balance your chakra energy. One by one we will fill your soul with the colors of the rainbow so you awaken feeling refreshed and grounded! I suggest that all attendees prepare for a quite space where you will not be interrupted for a minimum of one hour. This place should be comfortable for you. Be sure to have a light blanket and if possible, a pair of headphones to listen.
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Laura began seeing spirit in 1976 at the young age of 5. She had many visits from spirits throughout her life at a young age. She struggled through her experiences but eventually learned how to control what she was receiving. Today Laura is a professional medium, podcaster of meditations and self-help recordings and building her own spiritual community; which led to the creation of the Zenith School of Metaphysical studies. Offering 18 classes with 8 different instructors and over 2,000 students.
Psychic Medium Barb Mather (powell) is sought after on a daily basis for her intuitive skills. Renowned for her accuracy, honesty and readiness to tell it like it is, Barb has helped thousands of her clients map out the precise direction of their path to spiritual enlightenment. She has a natural ability to connect with Spirit, with a unique talent for bridging the unconscious world of the seen and unseen that lingers between physical and spiritual realities. Barb crisscrosses North America for readings, seminars and workshops. Her gift for connecting leaves the audience empowered and satisfied and organizers left wanting more. Barb is dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, that we are loved, that there is purpose to our lives, and that there is a reason everyone of us is placed on this earth.
Dr. Rosie Kuhn, is the creator of the Transformational Coaching Training Program. She is a Life and Executive coach, and the author of many books, including, Self-Empowerment 101, which is a culmination of her work as a life coach, marriage and family therapist, spiritual guide, and facilitator of Transformational Coaching. Dr. Rosie has worked in the field of human development for over 30 years, including addictions and recovery, family violence and spiritual direction. She works internationally as a speaker, trainer and executive coach in Moscow, London, Prague, and Tel Aviv. Most recently, Dr. Rosie has published: Cultivating Spirituality in Children: 101 Ways to Make Every Child's Spirit Soar. Each of Dr. Kuhn's books, provide simple, spiritual insights to support and empower her readers to honor their own unique truth and Spirit. You can find more information about Dr. Rosie Kuhn and her work at www.theparadigmshifts.com.