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Join us in a short overview of the 7 "Clair's" of Intuition and begin practicing exercises to increase and enhance your own intuition. This introduction will be followed by a series of classes on each of the 7 common forms of Intuition, a brief explanation accessing it, followed by exercises and journaling to grow as the classes unfold. There will be scheduled time in the class for questions and answers. Each class will stand on it's own, no prerequisites. The last week, session 7 will be a wrap up and info about integrating intuition into your life, and using discernment and ethics with intuition.
This 30-minute class by Imelda Almqvist introduces key principles from her shamanic work with children and teenagers. It introduces ways of creating sacred space where young people can develop their innate spirituality and communicate with their own spirit allies, - without adults imposing a belief system, religion or intermediary. Imelda has found that young people can so arrive at a viable spiritual toolkit for life. This allows them to resolve challenges and issues in their lives from a place of higher consciousness, creativity and "thinking outside the box". Imelda's book by the same title will be published in September 2016 and she will soon be offering more classes on Learnitlive based on her innovative work with The Time Travellers, her shamanic program for children and teenagers in London , UK. Imelda is currently recording sessions for her own radio progra, called "Natural Born Shamans", on A Shamanic Life Radio in the USA, in partnership with John Carosella.
In this introductory workshop Gretchen will share the different types of ancestors and the value of establishing a relationship with those who have transcended to heal ourself and our lineage. Gretchen will suggest some ways to begin connecting with your ancestors and provide ideas for developing ongoing communication to support the healing of family patterns.
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Diane Mandle is an internationally known Sound Healer, Teacher, Recording Artist with Sounds True and Author based in San Diego. The only State Certified Tibetan bowl sound healer in California, she is a frequent presenter at the Deepak Chopra Center, the Golden Door and Rancho la Puerta. She has been part of the Integrative Therapy Team at San Diego Cancer Center, has presented workshops for cancer patients at Sharp and Scripps hospitals and developed and conducted a program for incarcerated veterans with PTSD. Diane offers workshops and concerts internationally and operates the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School in southern California. She is featured in the upcoming television series: Tao- Living in Balance along with healers such as Deepak Chopra and John Gray.
Mara Bishop is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive consultant, teacher, author, and artist. In her private practice, Mara combines intuitive consultations, shamanic healing, and energetic healing. Her Personal Evolution Counseling provides each client with an integrated approach to spiritual healing, personal growth and emotional well-being. She works with clients locally, nationally and internationally. Mara has worked in the fields of intuition and shamanism since 1995. Mara holds master's degrees in Energy Medicine and Theology and a bachelor's degree in Art and Communications. She is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, and Sandra Ingerman's Teacher Training program in Shamanic Journeying and Healing. Mara has completed advanced studies in Shamanism with Betsy Bergstrom. She is the only Harner Certified Shamanic Counselor in North Carolina, and is also a Reiki Master. Mara is the author of the book Inner Divinity: Crafting Your Life with Sacred Intelligence and the companion CD of guided meditations. Mara has presented at Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Rhine Research Center, among other groups. She teaches workshops on shamanism, energetic boundaries, intuition, Reiki, spiritual healing and many of the topics covered in Inner Divinity������©. Mara has also been authorized by Sandra Ingerman to teach Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Death and Dying, Medicine for the Earth, and Healing with Spiritual Light. She conducts workshops and is available for speaking engagements. Mara Bishop, M.S., Th.M., C.S.C. WholeSpirit Phone: 919-419-1074 www.wholespirit.com [email protected] P.O. Box 51553 Durham, NC 27717
Ellie Stewart has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, including 18 years as Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery, where she oversaw the medical practice, residency education, and clinical education initiatives for all faculty and staff at a major teaching hospital in Chicago. In conjunction with various certifications, her formal educational credentials include a bachelor's degree in business management, a master's degree in health professions education and completion of all required course work and exams for her doctorate in counseling and adult education. Ellie discovered she was clairaudient 1972 and has enhanced her abilities as a clairsentient and clairvoyant and has studied metaphysical practices for over 25 years. Ellie teaches and is certified in various energetic and spiritual modalities including the ancient Peruvian Shamanic practice of property clearing, advanced practice Akashic Records studies and has completed additional studies and certifications in quantum light property clearing, crystal therapy healing, healing touch energy medicine, aromatherapy, sacred geometry healing, the Bengsten healing technique, and shamanic healing. In addition to training in various techniques, Ellie has participated in and spoken at various Body Mind Spirit expo's, conferences and healing circles throughout the Chicagoland area. Ellie currently runs a holistic wellness center called Pathways to Light in the West Loop area of Chicago. In addition to offering various healing modalities to clients, the wellness center offers an array of continuing education classes and certifications in energy medicine, aromatherapy and spiritual healing and development through Pathways to Light Institute of Subtle Energy. In addition, Pathways to Light is a NCBTMB approved provider for various classes and seeks to continue offering classes that teaches advancement of consciousness for The Healing Arts Practitioner. Ellie currently resides in the Hyde Park area of Chicago where she continues to build her healing practice to promote metaphysical holistic healing as an integral part of a client's transformation. For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact the Pathways to Light offices at 1016 W. Jackson #53, Chicago, Illinois or the RUAH Center 1110 N. Washington, Naperville, IL 60540, (773) 216-9882, www.pathwaystolight.org.