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Christia Cummings
Spirituality > Angels
Recorded: Jul 28, 2022 at 12:30 pm EDT
This is a sample of my weekly Angelic Light transmissions class that brings you up to date physical body energetic clearing, healing, and upgrades to help with the body transitioning from a carbon base to a more silicon crystal base. There will be channeling, prayers, meditations, sacred sound, and more. Christia has 30 years’ experience being a channel for the Angelic Realm. She allows them to work through her with ease and grace. Now more than ever we as humans’ light beings need support to step into our roles as ascending energetic beings of Light. These classes are aligned with that purpose in mind. Each class is highly spiritual and it is important to be in a quiet place to receive and have water handy to stay hydrated. Each class is recorded and once purchased is available in your Learn it Live portal.
Feeling drained by people's negative energy? Come discover these ancient protective charms that still work today to make a loving boundary to the world's chaos. Learn about amulets like the evil eye, simple medicine pouches filled with herbs and great stones to carry in your pocket. This class will include a great meditation to discover your protective Spirit Guide and help you to create your own magic charm. Find the peace and calm you're needing today by rediscovering a little magic to help keep you safe. This class will be recorded.
Come celebrate your connection to our great Mother Earth this Earth Day with a special cerebration and group prayer of healing for the world. With the Stay Home, Stay Safe directive from many of our states and countries we are seeing an amazing surge of healing from Nature. The skies are clearing over cities, waterways are washing clean and turtles are returning to busy beaches empty now from humans to lay over 60 million new turtle eggs. Humans as a whole species are realizing how much of an impact we have on our environment. As we explore new ways of daily living we can also take this time alone to create a new relationship with nature, our local neighborhood creatures and even backyard visitors. It's time to celebrate this amazing planet we share with a loving ceremony to call for healing, love and compassion for all! Please join in this FREE gathering or watch the recording and send some love to your Mama Earth.
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My earliest and fondest childhood memories center on my relationship with animals, particularly horses. In 2004, I transitioned from a corporate career into a profession that would enable me to re-connect more closely with these powerfully sentient and wise beings. Establishing Michigan Equine Therapy enabled me to work daily with the animals I love, providing therapeutic massage and energy healing techniques to improve the quality of horses' lives. Complementary care; such as bodywork and Reiki, offers tremendous opportunity for healing and growth for animals just as it does for humans. My experiences working with horses proved to me that we have much to learn from the animals. This led me into the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Helping humans improve their lives through an authentic connection with the horses has become my life's work. I now work as a practitioner, teacher and facilitator. I am a passionate advocate for the healing power of the horse, and the possibilities this represents for all of us on an individual, societal and species level. I am thrilled to be working with and for the animals, and teaching others how to do the same. Medicine Pony is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on the planet by helping people become more authentic versions of themselves. We believe re-connecting with nature and our fellow species is the first step in fully understanding our true nature and regaining clarity around our identity and purpose. This personal awareness creates clarity that allows us to live more fully being present and making mindful decisions that are fully congruent with our hearts desire and our soul's purpose. Our connection to nature and animals allows us to rediscover our self-awareness and intuition. We gain clarity. Energy work and mediation enable us to enhance our connection to life force energy or Spirit so that we can mindfully heal and grow personally and share that experience with the world around us. By combining the best traditions of mind-body-spirit practice, this work provides an incredibly powerful platform for personal healing, growth and transformation. I offer a number of classes and workshops that delve into awakening to our true selves through connection with Nature and the animal kingdom and improving the quality of our lives through natural self-care practices that address mind-body-spirit in a natural and holistic manner.
ANGELA AMBROSIA is a love and relationship coach with a deep affinity for women navigating unhealed hurts. She is certified as a life coach, relationship coach and spirituality coach by World Coach Institute, and is a certified Subconscious Rapid Transformation Practitioner, a technique of subconscious re-patterning that transforms a person's ability to create the relationship of their dreams. Adding to her gifts of insight and affinity are her certification as a teacher of meditation, and two decades-long expertise in dance and body movement. Her work with the energy body works on removing old habits of shame and replacing them with a new embodied connection to your soul and essence.
Dr. Karmen Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Doctorate in Divinity/ Pastoral Counseling. She is a Trauma Specialist and Ordained Minister. Dr. Karmen has over twenty years experience working in the field of Child Welfare at Clark County Department of Family Services in Las Vegas Nevada. Dr. Karmen facilitates The Coaching Visitation Program that works with families toward reunification after experiencing severe trauma. She was the assistant pastor for the University Church of Metaphysics for many years and is the founder of the company NSITEFUL LLC which published her book The I AM Solution: Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE. Dr. Karmen has taught on the subject of seeing the Divine in the clients to new recruits at the probation officers academy and the Social work program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has conducted groups in Juvenile Detention and in the Child Abuse and Neglect shelter teaching children they are not the event that happened to them. She has had guest appearances on Power 88 radio station in Las Vegas Nevada She shares the importance of understand our cycle of trauma and how not to pass it on to our children. Dr. Karmen's intention is to remind us that our strength, love and creativity are found inside of us. When we awaken to this truth we find that EVERYTHING WE NEED IS ALL THAT WE ARE. The I AM Solution is available now on Amazon.com For more information go to Drkarmen.com BE the ONE.