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Newly board certified and accredited, The REAP Healing Method is designed to promote deep, resonant healing. REAP, or Remote Energetic Alignment Process, allows practitioners and private individuals to:

- Connect across distances in a journey of healing ...
- Align physical and emotional energies to regain balanced well-being ...
- Expand spiritual potential and understanding ...

Developed by Pamela Dussault, a qualified and respected expert in the field of Alternative Medicine, REAP has already deeply touched hundreds of clients around the globe, through Pamela's own practice and through that of other healers ...See All


Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Body Activation Practitioner
Certified Shamanic Practitioner

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REAP Healing Method is a board certified energy healing method. This 6 week certification training course provides you with the understanding and the tools to harness this distant healing method which diminishes physical and emotional illness and conditions by bringing you into balance and alignment with your natural state of well-being and happiness. This is accomplished by using techniques that resonate with 11 specific body areas. When these areas are activated, your body's systems are strengthened and your emotions are balanced. The end result aligns you with who-you-really-are which awakens you to a joyful new sense of self and of purpose and brings you energy and vitality. The REAP Healing Method is accredited and certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Students who successfully complete The REAP Healing Method Certification Training Course become certified practitioners of REAP. REAP founder and course instructor, Pamela Dussault, is a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Continuing Education Provider, and Shaman. Founder Pamela Dussault, RMT, LMT, personally teaches each course session and every student who studies REAP, via the web and teleconferencing. . The course consists of twelve (12) hours of study, including guided practice, plus a Practicum. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 10 students per course, in order to ensure the individualized attention necessary to master REAP. Students who complete the course requirements receive certification, as well as 12 hours CE credits, and are immediately able to provide The REAP Healing Method as certified practitioners. Total cost for the Course and Practicum is US$695. Twelve hours divided across three areas of study, as needed. Plus a Practicum. INTUITION: The first sessions are devoted to Intuition, understanding it and the role it plays in healing; learning how to use Intuition effectively and how to tap into it through various exercises; and, strengthening Intuition through Meditation. Remote connection through Shamanastic techniques is also studied. ACTIVATION: The second group of sessions is devoted to learning in depth the eleven (11) body activation centers, the corresponding emotions and issues they represent, and learning how to activate and focus on these centers. APPLICATION: These final, guided sessions bring the methodology and training together to put The REAP Healing Method into practice. With Pamela's supervision, students initiate REAP healing on themselves and on other students in the class. Time is spent gathering and incorporating feedback on the experience of both the practitioner and client, as well as discussing how to incorporate REAP into an existing Healing practice or how to develop a business around it. PRACTICUM: In addition to the above and in order to be certified and receive CE credit, each student must complete a minimum of two 1-hour REAP sessions on his or her own, take session notes, and solicit client feedback. This information is then presented to Pamela for review. With the successful completion of the full course of study, as well as the Practicum, students become certified practitioners of The REAP Healing Method and receive 12 CE credit hours. Additionally, they receive support from Pamela to help build their practices; are invited to join the active REAP healing community on Facebook; may use the REAP logo; and can request to be listed on Pamela's website as an active practitioner.
This advanced level training of the REAP Healing Method will cover more in-depth work with the activation process already taught in level 1. There will be 4 components of this advanced training. You will be using your spiritual senses even more with each of the following components: - whole light body activation - soul retrieval/destiny retrieval activation - DNA coding activation - activation center groupings (simultaneous activation of 2 or more centers at once) This is mastery work along similar lines of many traditional shamanic healing practices. You will be required to have a good working knowledge of the first level training particularly including use of your intuition. If you feel ready, yet aren't sure, trust that feeling is your confirmation (trust in your inner guidance is the key).
Experience the healing benefits first hand by Pamela Dussault, founder of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and BodyWork (NCBTMB) accredited REAP Healing Method! This FREE event will introduce you to this breakthrough energy healing method and experience REMOTELY how effective this method truly is.