Normally, I teach spiritual and healing classes from my local studio. However, since covid, I have brought my classes online. I have watched people's lives change by taking classes. I call it "showing up for your soul".

There is a beauty in healing. There is a beauty in finding one's spiritual path, and walking it. Life can be brutal and traumatic, but it can also be incredibly beautiful. Sometimes we just need to clear the human debris that we've been operating under to see it.

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Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
Licensed Spiritual Minister
Bachelor's in Metaphysics
Chakra Analysis and Healing
Certified Angel Card Reader
Guided Visualization/Meditation

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Reiki - all levels
Chakra Analysis and Healing Practitioner and Teacher
Public TV show offering spiritual information
Spiritual Leader and Teacher
Past Life Healing

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Online Sonn Su Reiki Session   ($100) [+] Show More Info

Due to COVID, I've been doing more and more online Sonn Su Reiki sessions. If you can't get to me, or if you prefer not be seen in person, you are welcome to schedule an online reiki session. We'll meet here on LiL, or I can generate a Zoom link if you prefer. I'll work with you directly while you're in the comfort of your home.

1 Hr Private Spiritual or Psychic Instruction   ($75) [+] Show More Info

Though I offer many online spiritual classes, I understand that some people prefer to take them privately. Because class is private, we can work where you're at spiritually and adjust things to your personal needs. If you'd like to spend and hour or so on intuitive tarot, for example, that's what we work on. If there are specific topics you'd like help with, message me and I'll let you know if it's one I teach. You can also look at my previous classes to get a feel of what I teach. Thank you.

Tarot Reading   ($75) [+] Show More Info

Contact me for an online tarot or psychic medium reading.

2 Hours of Distant Reiki Instruction   ($135) [+] Show More Info

Not all level 2 Reiki practitioners are taught how to send reiki to past, present or future situations. This is something I teach all of my students. I now offer it to those who were not trained by me but would like the added instruction. You must be a certified Reiki 2 practitioner, attuned to the distant symbol.

1 Hour of Reiki Coaching   ($75) [+] Show More Info

If you've taken a reiki class but would like more instruction of how to use it for self or others, I would be happy to help. Having a good working knowledge can make all the difference in the results. The greater your understanding of reiki, and the more you use it, the more confidence you'll gain in your abilities. *Must already have taken at least a beginners or level 1 reiki class.

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About Rev. Tish Niedzwiecki RMT, B.Msc.
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This is a LIVE class only. There will not be a recording. Reiki Shares are, in essence, group healings. One person from the group will receive while the other reiki practitioners give them reiki. After about 10-15, it will be someone else's turn. Everyone will get a chance to give and receive. Why attend Reiki Shares? • It feels great! • You pick up tips and techniques • You develop your Reiki skills • To develop your chakra skills • You get to work with different people so you can sense the difference of energy from one person to the next • Build confidence in your abilities
Do you ever stop to think about the energy that your soul is absorbing and carrying? In years like 2020 (20/20), it may have been too much to think about. Last year was a tough one for so many, and for many different reasons. Did you know it was possible to cleanse your soul? You can. This is a guided meditation I created a few years ago to help people become consciously aware of what they've absorbed. Once we're aware, the cleansing can begin. I'll guide you on how. Join us and start getting the yuck out from 2020! Cost is only $15 for a meditation you can adjust for daily, weekly, or monthly cleansing. You do not need to turn on your microphone or camera. You can simply listen and follow along. If you're new to LearnItLive and you'd like to use your camera, it's best to use Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers.
Add divine grace to your tarot readings by incorporating an angel reading. I'll show you how to tap into the angels for messages, and how to use your tarot or oracle cards for additional information. Expand. Grow. Evolve. My classes are open and non-judgmental. They're loving and supportive. Come join us!