Platform Mediumship and Advanced Techniques

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Wed Oct 11 at 03:30 pm EDT
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Spend a day with Mary-Anne practicing Platform Mediumship (stage or group work), and developing more advanced Mediumship techniques relating to working with multiple loved ones in spirit, incorporating psychic aspects to your readings, dealing with unpredictable situations with spirit, and exploring how to approach readings that require more than just the skill of Mediumship.

Each student will participate in both teachings and exercises throughout the day, including performing live mediumship demonstrations to the group where an assessment, instruction, and encouraging feedback will be given.

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Intermediate Mediumship
Intro to Intuitive Development
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    Wed Oct 11 at 03:30 pm EDT
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Platform Mediumship and Advanced Techniques
300 Minute Session
Wed Oct 11 at 10:30 am EDT
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Mary-Anne Kennedy is a Canadian-based Spiritual Medium and Author of the book "How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side" (released on 10/09/15). Mary-Anne is an accomplished and acclaimed Medium and Reiki Master who is highly sought after throughout Canada. With compelling accuracy, she brings forward evidence - proof - that your loved ones still exist. Her connection and messages from heaven are rich with healing and love. In working with Mary-Anne, the combination of validation and messages serves as proof of the continuation of life after physical death, and demonstrates that we are never alone - that our connection of love still exists. The connection we all have with spirit is based in love, which is what can make connecting with our loved ones such a profound experience! In addition to offering private, group, and public mediumship experiences, Mary-Anne focuses on developing and mentoring new students of mediumship, which naturally evolved out of her belief that we are all Mediums and anyone can connect with the other side. Mary-Anne's teaching is based on her understanding that, just like riding a bike, learning to channel spirit loved ones is a skill that can be learned and mastered. There are no ancestral or genetic pre-requisites to becoming a Medium - anyone can do it. Mary-Anne combines her background in conventional teaching with her knowledge and wisdom as a spiritual practitioner to facilitate not only a credible and effective learning experience, but also spiritual expansion and growth for each student.