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Wed Sep 27 at 02:15 pm EST
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If you believe it is possible to communicate with animals and are already communicating with them, chances are you are a highly sensitive person who regularly uses your intuition either consciously or unconsciously. When you are using your intuition, you are working from your right brain.

If you tend to operate more from your left brain (i.e. logical thinking, plays well with numbers etc.), don�t assume you are not intuitive or that the intuitive process is not available to you. We are all intuitive and just like a muscle, your intuition can be developed with practice.
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    Wed Sep 27 at 02:15 pm EST
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Building Your Intuition For Effective Animal Communication
75 Minute Session
Wed Sep 27 at 01:00 pm EST
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Janet Roper is a renown animal communicator, educator, animal advocate, and author. Her focus within animal communication is strengthening and nurturing the animal-human bond by working from the stance of relationship with animals instead of power over animals. She has created and produced numerous podcasts, has appeared on a variety of radio shows and has been featured in a number of news articles. In 2015 Janet began her personal walk on the Shamanic path. Based in Missoula, Montana, Janet is cheerfully owned and managed by cat Raven and dog Max.