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Thu Jun 21 at 04:00 pm EST
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The first class in this series will examine some of the historical figures and social undercurrents which contributed to the Chinese philosophical systems and later religion which would come to be known as Taoism or Daoism. The main focus in this class will center on discussions of the Tao (or �Way�) as a means to guide one�s life. We will also be examining Lao zi (Laotze) and Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi) as proponents of a philosophical understanding of the Tao/Dao.
Other topics will include:
� The goal of life
� Right behavior
Lastly, we ...See All
No prerequisites, all are welcome!
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No prior knowledge of Taoism or Taoist concepts is necessary, only natural curiosity and the willingness to engage with the material.
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    Thu Jun 21 at 04:00 pm EST
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Basics of Taoism Ia
60 Minute Session
Sun Jun 17 at 03:00 pm EST
Basics of Taoism Ib
60 Minute Session
Thu Jun 21 at 03:00 pm EST
About Creator
Hello all, First, let me thank you for stopping by my page. I know there is a lot out there, so I'm honored that you've chosen to take a look. I have been a student, teacher, and/or practitioner of applied Eastern philosophies almost 20 years. My background is in Chinese medicine, where I have practiced, taught, and written extensively on the subject. I also have a strong working knowledge of qi gong and meditation from a Taoist perspective, which informs my everyday view of the world at large. I love sharing my knowledge with those willing to listen and have come to recognize teaching as one of my passions. When I combine this with helping others to heal (another of my passions), it allows both student and teacher to learn in concert with one another, I still consider myself a student (albeit one with a certain level of expertise), which leads me to keep a natural curiosity about the world around me and others within it. This is something that I hope that I never lose and which I enjoy bringing out in others. The main goal of my work is to help a student gain a sense of embodiment within both themselves and the world, as it is truly only from this place which we begin to change the world. I hope you will join me in this process