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Wed Mar 20 at 07:00 am EDT
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Award: Sarah's 5th dimensional violet flame certificate
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Sarah's 5th dimensional violet flame certificate
The Ascended Master Sarah is here to help us with our evolutionary Ascension and she has a violet flame! The violet flame is an incredibly useful tool that transforms and transmutes negative and 'inappropriate' energy, and Sarah has her own vibration specifically for helping us through this transitory period as we move into the Age of Aquarius / Golden Age / New Earth / 5th Dimension.
In this workshop you will be attuned to Sarah's violet flame and will learn:
-What Sarah's violet flame is and how you can use it. We will be using a channeled symbol, ...See All
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If you haven't worked with Sarah before, I would recommend for you to take this introduction part 1 & 2 called 'Meeting Sarah'. Sarah's energy is just coming onto the earth plane now, and as a new Ascended Master, it's really useful to get properly grounded into her energy through the attunements and information here
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    Wed Mar 20 at 07:00 am EDT
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Sarah's Violet Flame - shifting from 3D to 5D
120 Minute Session
Wed Mar 20 at 05:00 am EDT
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I am a New Earth teacher and healer channeling Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and the Master Jesus, and working with the Ascension grid and sacred springs in the town of Roskilde, Denmark where I live.