Future Visioning Masterclass: Meet Your Future-Self

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Thu Oct 17 at 04:30 pm EST
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Meet Your Future-Self to Manifest Your Awesome Future

As you look forward, do you have a vision for your future or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

Do you set goals but struggle to manifest them into your everyday reality?

Do you feel disconnected from the Light and wish you could manifest with ease?

Have you been settling for, what is, doubting that you can manifest your awesome future?

You are a powerful creator. Let's begin by creating your future vision. I ...See All
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    Thu Oct 17 at 04:30 pm EST
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Future Visioning Masterclass: Meet Your Future-Self
90 Minute Session
Thu Oct 17 at 03:00 pm EST
About Creator
Hi! I'm Donna Burgher and I am a Spiritual Manifesting Guide, Mindset and Energy Coach, and an internationally recognized leader in the world of business and manifesting. I guide successful, heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, visionaries and world-changers to elevate their impact, visibility, and vibration while manifesting prosperity and abundance into their business and life. I use unique methods that help my clients align and amplify their energy which accelerates their manifesting success. Through practical and spiritual manifesting tools my clients raise their vibration, create a powerful mindset, master their energy, gain clarity and connect with and follow their divine guidance. As they implement these tools they naturally begin to attract their ideal clients as more joy, fun, and prosperity manifest into their reality. I have partnered with Lisa Meisels, Clarity & Alignment Catalyst for Visibility and Impact. We are the founders of Elevate Your Impact and Manifest Prosperity Academy, The Conscious Community Circle Membership and hosts of The Impact and Prosperity Show Lisa and I have merged our 60 years of experience in business, life, energy work, manifesting and the healing arts, to offer unique methods that help our clients get out of the 'guru' marketing maze so they can gain clarity, energetically align to their soul purpose, naturally attract clients and manifest success while joyfully creating the impact they were born to make. Together we create and hold an energetic space of Love and Light as our clients step into higher consciousness and manifest their dream business and life.