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Tue Apr 26 at 02:30 pm EDT
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As the body ages old injuries make themselves heard! After 50 the body begins to dry up, becomes tighter and less malleable. As this happens it becomes critical to understand how the lines of fascia work; so that we do not aggravate old injury or create new ones.

#3 of 5 in the series: Gentle Yoga For The Aging Body
Knowledge of classic yoga asana is recommended but not a requirement.

For "50 Hour Yoga For Aging Bodies" Teacher Training Certificate please complete all 5 lectures/workshops and contact Jenn for homework assignments.
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Jennifer is registered as a yoga school with Yoga Alliance; thus this training can be used for CEC's

If you are uncertain of your knowledge base please don't hesitate to email with any questions or concerns.

If you would like to use this training towards a 50Hr Senior Yoga Teacher Training Certificate please Contact Jenn at [email protected] for more details.
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    Tue Apr 26 at 02:30 pm EDT
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Injury And Lines Of Fascia As Related To The 60+ Community
90 Minute Session
Tue Apr 26 at 01:00 pm EDT
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Meet Jennifer Heard PhD (DNM), RYT, she believes that life is about balance; mental, physical, spiritual. When the scales are tipped in favor of one over others imbalances will show up in the form of physical or mental health issues. Jennifer aims to help people discover their unique life combination in order to create and maintain balance to facilitate health, healing and wellbeing in all areas of life. Over years of practice, education and just plain living Jenn has come to understand that the science and theory of Yoga can be used to create a healthy body-mind-spirit.