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Tue Feb 23 at 09:30 pm EST
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Does this sound familiar? You're filled with self-doubts, constantly question yourself and your attractiveness. You're listening to the opinions of others, you feel like time is rushing by and you're dating but haven't found your Mr. or Ms. Right. You're motivated to find a meaningful relationship. You want to look forward to life with a loving partner and sometimes you get overwhelmed with frustration, or panic or just plain exhaustion! To compound things, everyone keep saying: You're such a great catch. How come you're still single? And you're wondering why as well.
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    Tue Feb 23 at 09:30 pm EST
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If I'm Such a Great Catch, How Come I'm Still Single?
60 Minute Session
Tue Feb 23 at 08:30 pm EST
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For more than two decades Amy Sherman has been working in the helping field, inspiring others to live their best life. She has a master's degree in counseling/psychology from Vermont College and has worked with adults, teens and couples struggling with personal and professional issues that have kept them from the happiness and joy they deserve. She is Founder of the Baby Boomers' Network and Co-Founder of Women Dating After 40 and Dating Rescue programs. The Baby Boomers' Network is a resource for boomers to transition through midlife using the healthiest, most effective coping skills. Amy's expertise as a Dating & Relationship Coach has helped singles move from insecurity to empowerment and uncertainty to commitment. Amy has worked with parents struggling with teens who are defiant and angry and has provided practical solutions through her parenting program, If Your Teen is Acting Out...