Clearing The Path For Love

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Sun Feb 14 at 06:30 pm EST
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The subject is how our beliefs about the opposite sex and relationships block us from getting the love we want. Old stories about what relationships have been like keep drawing those issues into the present. Stepping out of the old paradigm and creating a new loving story about love.
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    Sun Feb 14 at 06:30 pm EST
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Sun Feb 14 at 06:00 pm EST
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For over a decade, Jennifer has helped thousands of men and women find love, passion, deep intimacy and happiness in their lives and relationships, helping them heal codependency, addictions, depression anxiety and fears. Jennifer is an International expert on love. Jennifer's personal journey of healing and discovery from trauma in her childhood has taken her all around the world from Europe to India, Bali and all across the United States and Canada. From Master Gardener and owning her own Landscape Design and installation business, For Heaven Scapes, for eleven years, she is a fearless woman who has done it all. Women from around the world have found their love through Jennifer's coaching. Her amazing connection with the spiritual realms and intuitive gifts gives her the ability to see your core issues, quickly. Her guidance moves people out of their issue, by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel shifting perspective. When perspective shifts love is allowed to flow in, magnetizing love to you. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, certified love and passion coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer and mother of three. What her clients like the best about her is that she listens, is completely present, and is highly tuned in to The Divine and Universal which profoundly assists her clients with their process exactly where they are trying to get clarity. As a Scorpio, she unabashedly says she has enjoyed sexual expression. She assists women to find the Sacredness in Sex and men to understand our differences. Non-orgasmic into her 50's - Jennifer was guided to write Orgasm For Life to help educate men and women about our differences.
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