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This 6 week intermediate course will help you to develop your mindfulness skills to bring more peace, control and healing into your life. It will also teach a variety of mediation techniques that will help you harness the mind/body/spirit connection to encourage self-healing. (Course designed specially for people with energy limiting chronic illness)
This workshop is offered free in support of Karibuni. More at Let's create a ripple and make a difference. Can't make either date? Register for recording at Or see article with tips for living a passionate life on Wellness Universe Blog at
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Weekly support group for people with energy limiting chronic illness focused on self-directed healing. Do you believe that you can and will get better? Do you trust that with enough support your body will find a way to heal itself? Is meditation part of your self-help/healing strategy? If you're taking responsibility for your own healing and well-being but would like to connect with others on a similar path this could be the group for you.
Join us during our 2017 Customer Appreciation Month for our favorite class. This year we have extended this class to contain 8 different herbal preparations and 8 of our favorite herbs. Explore the wonders of herbal medicine with Jillian Carnrick and Betsy Miller in this detailed class for beginner herbalists who are dedicated to expanding their knowledge. Learn to work closer with the plants you already love in this top notch class.
We've been taught to believe we don't have the ability to heal and keep ourselves well by a Health & Wellness industry that profits from us staying sick. Sustainable health and wellness comes naturally through holistic living practices that support your total wellness: body, mind, and spirit. In this free workshop, learn the key components to detoxing your life and creating a holistic lifestyle.
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November 29th 2017 FREE Live 1/2 hour Webinar Taught by : Marlene Prinzing, M.A. 1. You talk about your traumatic event 2. You are not utilizing Intuitive Somatic Processing 3. You are not aware of how to titrate your P.T.S.D. symtoms 4. You do not have a Psychobiological Regulator to witness your pain 5. You are not aware that traumatic memory embeds and imprints itself in ALL of these three body systems : Physical, Physiological, Psychological bodies. LET'S FIX THIS !!!
Are you struggling to balance the demands on your time in your life, career or business? Join us and learn - The first step to getting clarity about what's important - What you need to know about balance - The real cost of maintaining the status quo - Simple steps you can take right now in order to bring about balance - How to incorporate breaks into your life or business
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Cinnamon essential oil smells so wonderful! And makes the best tea ever! This delightful essential oil has so many benefits, WOW!!! This is my favorite go to oil, for so many reasons! Join me, don't miss this one!
During these sessions we will be going through the program and be available to answer any questions that may come up. This is also an opportunity for you to explore how to use Learn It Live as this is the platform we will be using for our classes starting in January. For more information about this program please visit:
Highly restorative and rejuvenating, Yoga Nidra is based on ancient wisdom teachings. The experience guides you into very deep levels of relaxation through a guided journey while you are in Shavasana, lying down in a comfortable position. Just 20 minutes is equivalent to 3 to 4 hours of deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The more you join these weekly hour-long classes, the more you dismantle old energies and blockages that may be holding you back from living your best life. We all need to take time to rest and restore. This "Yogic Sleep" is extremely rejuvenating and activates dormant healing powers in your own body. It is de-stressing, reduces anxiety, calms the nervous system and connects you to your authentic self in an empowering way. Peggy has been trained and certified by world-renowned spiritual master Yogi Amrit Desai. You can read more here: The last few minutes of the class is open to discussion, sharing and questions! This is how we all grow from the experience.
3-Part Master Healing Series : Erasing Physical P.T.S.D. Erasing Physiological P.T.S.D. Erasing Psychological P.T.S.D.
This is the first module of the Herbal Product Preparations class for The Dancing Herbalist's Home Herbalist Study Program. For more information on this program please visit our webpage at and join the Learn It Live Information Sessions for this program. Module 1 starts with basic preparations including the various methods of making teas, infusions and decoctions, how to make and use herbal powders, and how to make herbal tinctures. Each session includes a discussion on formulation techniques necessary to blend herbs together.
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