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In this, the fifth in the Mediation for Elevation series, we open up the treasure chest of Creative Abundance. Learn where you have been playing small and hiding your treasures from even yourself! You have so much more to offer the world. Open up your Creativity and create a sense and feeling of how big you can truly be. Once you allow your senses to open up, you will begin to receive the Creativity that sparks your Abundance more easily and with much more joy!
Whether upper need is for abundance is:money, love,health, or many other reasons; this class is designed to help you. Key words and thoughts we will cover: Love yourself, trust in a higher power, allowing, appreciation, alignment, strange your story, feel good,and move from lack to lack to solution.
Every week is Abundance Friday. In 60-90 mn we will explore with experts from around the world the concept of Abundance, how we can invite more abundance in our lives and more. The first step towards living abundance is understand it to its fullest extent and our Experts that you can find in our Abundance Thru Words program will help you to do just that.
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