There are many mythic stories of the goddess descending to the Underworld. What happens there? These stories are based on the movement of the Love planet Venus through the sky. is soon turning retrograde. Brilliant now in the evening sky, Venus turns back toward the Sun on March 4, descending below the horizon to disappear in the light of the Sun, pulling us deep into her golden-pink heart. The cycle of Venus is highly aesthetic. Every 8 years, Earth's sister planet goes retrograde 5 times, drawing a 5-pointed star around the zodiac. She continually revisits the same 5 places in our charts for re-evaluation and enrichment. This particular cycle starts in the fiery sign of Aries, inviting us into personal process of emotional alchemy for greater authenticity, joy and sweetness in our lives. Taking time to relish the love honey in our hearts will enhance all relationships. I invite you to join us to prepare for your journey!
Astrology can help you make sense of any relationship, whether it's with your kid, your spouse, your parents or siblings, a romantic interest, your boss ... anyone! This fun class introduces you to astrological influences that show: * Your own needs, internal dynamics & patterns * Another person's needs, internal dynamics & patterns and * How you & another person relate.
In this class, you will learn how to access your clairvoyance and mediumship abilities. We'll discuss controlled remote viewing and the golden rules of psychic development. You'll receive a complimentary digital version of my psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic.
We will take a look at how to keep your connection alive by staying present and you'll walk away from the session knowing: - The 6 important relationships needs. - How to build a connection with your partner instead of a case against them. - How to speak to connect instead of to regret. Join Relationship Coach Dr. Ann West and gain the tools you need to help you stay in your heart when triggered by another's actions. It's only a matter of time until you'll be able to stay aware of your feelings and express them without being demanding to your beloved.
Have you been dating with the hopes of meeting your spouse within the year? Have you been spinning your wheels with dating people and not finding quality people to date who is as serious as you are about finding a marriage partner? If so, then come discover the 3 critical shifts you must make when you are dating for the purpose of marriage. Without understanding these easy to make adjustments, you can unknowingly sabotage your chances for finding your true love mate. Join us for this fun and informative webinar.
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Here's what to expect: -Participants will identify the 3 mistakes from finding lasting love. -Participants will be able to write a forgiveness letter in a group activity. -Participants will be able to use a guided mediation to release subconscious beliefs to finding and keeping lasting love. Any questions let me know, I look forward to meeting you and assisting in your romance reboot!
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To have a successful relationship you have to know what it takes to create one. In this class you will learn 5 keys that you need to experience the amazing relationship you desire. Gain clarity and a better understanding of what you and your partner needs. Relationships take work, but with the right approach they are completely worth it.
Sacred Feminine Power-From Exhaustion to Ecstacy Tap into your unlimited source of energy to get everything you've ever wanted-and more! As professional businesswomen and entrepreneurs, life gets extremely busy. We stay focused on what we need to do and are in strive-mode. Thank Goddess for the rise of the feminine and the ways that we can thrive in today's world, BUT, with all of this, women become burnout, exhausted and overwhelmed. We don't have the energy for nourishment, are sexually shutdown and loose site of the fact that our power as women lies in our sexuality. If you want to have more energy, passion, prosperity and live from you're purpose, this talk is for you. Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn..... - The Secret Connection Between Your Energy And Your Sexuality - What It Means To Live From Your Feminine To Get What You Want - How To Reclaim Your Sensuality In the talk, Jennevieve will teach you how to look better, feel better and awaken your energy and sexuality. She will teach you about your relationship to the feminine and the power lies there. She will share with you the secret that will help you have better relationships, love, sex and success in your business!
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If you are not living your most scrumptiously abundant and joyful existence, odds are you not living in your pleasure. Women everywhere are operating predominantly from their masculine energy and it is leaving them exhausted, bored and resentful. Ladies! There is another way!!! The Pillars of Pleasure contains 10 decadent ways to help you get back into your feminine flow where life is wildly fun, magical and effortless. In this 30 minute class, I will introduce you to the first 3 pillars. When applied, they will change your life and the way you show up in your womanhood. Pleasure is the pathway to all of your desires. Allow me to show you.
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Deborah Turley
Love and..
Ended: Feb 18, 2016 at 08:00 pm EST
In life we all have, had or will have a mask of some kind. Whether it is forced or chosen is up to us. It conceals and hides the real person inside and does not allow us to feel or expose ourselves to others. It might be, don't let them see the real me. When you take off the mask you carry around, whether it be one or more, you need to see yourself for who you really are before you can let anyone else see the real you. I. Introduction II. Break the False Beliefs III. Exposing the REAL YOU IV. Take Off the Masks a) Who am I ? b) Revealing yourself to yourself c) Revealing yourself to others a) Letting your love shine V. Q&A
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3 keys to finding and maintaining true love
In this workshop Kimberly and the guides will discuss why relationships sometimes bring so much pain and how to transform your experience into one of healing and gratitude -- no matter what the circumstance. Kimberly will also do a energy clearing for those present on the call that is specific to healing a painful relationship. There will be time for Q & A after the session. Feel free to email questions in before the event if you won't make it live. We look forward to seeing you there!
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