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Prime yourself to become a magnet to your loving evolved mate! This four week course takes on the deep inner work to attracting a healthy thriving evolved mate & creating a thriving loving partnership. Stop the misery of looking for a needle in a haystack! We explore within to cultivate radical self-responsibility, emancipate oneself from the past, debunk our limiting beliefs, transform our identity in love & learn how to BE the person we wish to attract. Once we have done all of this, the caliber of potential mates automatically rises & we become a beacon to our romantic soul mate.
Does this sound familiar? You're filled with self-doubts, constantly question yourself and your attractiveness. You're listening to the opinions of others, you feel like time is rushing by and you're dating but haven't found your Mr. or Ms. Right. You're motivated to find a meaningful relationship. You want to look forward to life with a loving partner and sometimes you get overwhelmed with frustration, or panic or just plain exhaustion! To compound things, everyone keep saying: You're such a great catch. How come you're still single? And you're wondering why as well. This course explores areas of struggle you may have and the patterns that you fall into that cause you to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Together, we can change your perspective about dating -- and about yourself -- so you can finally attract your ideal partner for a loving, long-term relationship.
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Successful Women Can Have Their Cake & Eat It Too! It IS possible to attract the relationship of your dreams AND realize your mission in life! Attend this FREE seminar & debunk any core false beliefs that have prevented you from attracting the soul mate of your dreams. Have you dreamed of being with an evolved mate who is emotionally available & ALSO has a flame that burns brightly, but it doesn't extinguish yours? And, together you create a partnership that supports EACH to be the greatest version of each other? And yet, you've really struggled in romance - and feel like you're looking for a needle in a hay stack? If so, you will love this seminar - and you will realize that it isn't that he/she doesn't exist or that you must choose between a relationship or realizing your dream. Come experience this ground breaking seminar presented by relationship expert, Kim Von Berg, to learn more!
Whether your relationship is new, old, or something in between, it's common to feel a bit disjointed as life gets busy. Here are science-backed ways to improve your connection to your partner and start to feel energized all over again.
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Join relationship expert, psychologist and author, Wendy Lyon PhD, for an informative class on the 5 steps that will lead you to the right relationship for you. Gain more clarity and confidence, learn how to improve your connections and make the right choices for you. Enjoy your free gifts at True Love Test, Webinar: Finding Your Happily Ever After, Excerpt of book Roadmap to Success (with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard) and Complimentary Love Path consultation
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Ever want more out of your relationships? What if you could have an amazing relationship with your significant other, your children, and your boss? What if your every day encounters with check-out clerks and people in the check-out line were pleasant or even fun? Start by understanding and defining your current relationships. What do you want them to be? By having a clear picture of what you want, you can begin to create and design the types of relationships you ultimately crave. BONUS: Top 10 Relationship Tips!
Many online dating companies lead you to believe that the key to finding love is using the right site. This is simply not the case. The secret is learning how to use each site as a tool to convey who you are and what you desire. This talk will cover 3 essential ingredients to making an authentic profile that leaves potential dates wanting to know more.
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Some of the happiest couples on the planet found their soul-mates well after 50 years old. Aging and old age doesn't mean you are any less you - loveable and beautiful. Let's talk about what's possible and what needs to shift so that you are an invitation to love and fulfillment with a partner.
Being authentic, and learning how to ask for what you want can increase intimacy. Begin to recognize your desires, and learn tangible ways to communicate your truth to your partner or anyone.
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In a mere 60 minutes I will convince you 100% that being a man is still powerful, virtuous and what every high quality woman out there actually craves. Ladies, in that same one hour time period I'll successfully reinforce (or even restore) your faith that there really are still great men out there. If you're a man, we'll do away with "Mr. Nice Guy", the "Friend Zone", feminized manhood, confusion over how to raise our sons and especially despair over how to attract women all in one neat, clean session. If you're a woman, expect to leave with a crystal-clear picture of the kind of man you can really meet...and you should settle for nobody less. Whoever you are, it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not. I'm making sure this will make sense and be immediately actionable for anyone. Today more than ever, post-modern men are wondering what it even means to be a man anymore. What can we uniquely offer? What is our role in work and in relationships? And what do women WANT...what turns them on? Unfortunately, all too many men have been brainwashed into thinking masculinity is at best irrelevant in the 21st century. But plenty of us have actually been led to believe that masculinity is a BAD thing, or worst of all...all men are inherently bad people. Well guys, it's time to stand up and reclaim our birthright as real men of character. In this session, you'll gain clarity on what noble masculinity looks like and why women adore men who portray it effectively. Free your mind from the lie that masculinity is vice rather than virtue, and empower yourself to attract high quality women everywhere you go.
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This class will focus on three areas to help you attract your soul mate: 1- Recognize Unhealthy Dating & Relationship Patterns- Learn about your family blueprint and the types of people that you continuously pick that don't serve you and why. Examples will be given. 2- Be the Partner You Want to Attract-This involves evaluating your life satisfaction, your self-esteem, knowing your defensive reactions in love and how to give others a real chance to connect with you. 3- Take Action to Meet Your Mate & Create the Relationship You Most Want-It's one thing to wish for love but are you taking action? This section will explore how to create a Dating Action plan, ways to meet people and key things to look for in the partner for you. There will also be a brief Q&A at the end.
Join Breakup & Relationship Coach, Regina Fletcher, in a workshop that outlines three strategies for how to successfully make authentic connections that lead to friendship and romance. - Learn how to choose places for meeting people that set you up for success - Shift small talk into engaging, big conversations about values - Intentionally stay connected to people you meet only once If you want to bring more love and connection to your life and you are dissatisfied with the status quo around dating, this workshop is a great catalyst for your love life.
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