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Most of us were not taught to love and appreciate ourselves. In a society that is driven by competition, jealousy and comparrison, it's a very challenging task to be confident and wholeheartedly in love with yourself. It takes awareness, compassion (for oneself) and PRACTICE to really become our own best friend, best lover and best partner: to truly recognize one's divine essence. When we awaken that fountain of love within ourselves we feel confident, secure, strong and alive, no longer seeking for external validation or needing an external source to fill us up. Noa will show you few simple and practical tools to use in order to feel deep love for yourself and experience that love on a consistent basis!
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What are the issues you find challenging in your sexual connection to those you love? This stimulating talk sheds light on common roles that we fall into with our sexuality and how to open up the conversation with those you love to expand your sexual confidence and liberate you from holding back your feelings. We can only be as creative as we allow ourselves to be by first understanding what your needs are sexually and then learning how to ask for those needs to be met in a gentle and respectful and guilt-free way. By the end of the talk, you will walk away with a tool to look at your sexual communication style and where your next step to expand will be: whether that is communicating with your partner, getting more confidence in your own sexual energy or just getting clear on what your needs are.